The Beauty Of A New Year’s Wedding

The Beauty Of A New Year’s Wedding

Are you debating whether to have a New Year’s wedding? If so, you will be happy to know that there are many benefits to having a New Year’s wedding. Not only are they beautiful, but it means you get to celebrate late into the night, spend the holiday with all your loved ones, and create a night to remember forever. Still on the fence about hosting a New Year’s wedding? Keep reading for reasons why you should host a New Year’s wedding.

You’ll Spend the Holiday With All Your Loved Ones

One of the best things about a New Year’s Eve wedding is that you will get to spend the holiday with all of your loved ones. Normally, everyone is off doing different things on New Year’s Eve, but when you host your wedding on that day, everyone you love and care about will be in attendance.

You Can Utilize Glitzy and Glamorous Wedding Décor

New Year’s Eve is an extravagant affair, and that means you can go all in on the glitzy and glamourous wedding décor. Think of bright pops of metallic gold and silver and all the sparkle. While this might be considered tacky on other days, your New Year’s Eve wedding can be completely opulent.

You Can Celebrate Late Into the Night

Another benefit of having a New Year’s Eve wedding is that—if your venue allows—you can celebrate well into the night! Many weddings end at 10 or 11 o’clock at night, but on New Year’s Eve, everyone will expect the party to keep going until at least midnight. If you go this route, one thing you might want to consider is starting the festivities a bit later to account for the later ending.

You Can Incorporate a Countdown

If you are looking for the perfect photo op, imagine a New Year’s Eve countdown! All of your guests will be decked out in their finest attire, holding champagne flutes and counting down to midnight as you and your spouse embrace in the middle of the group. If the weather is nice, you could even do this outdoors and involve sparklers to amp it up a bit.

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