Wedding Nails: Trends and Tips

Wedding Nails: Trends and Tips

Your photographer will likely take plenty of pictures of your wedding day hands, featuring those lovely new rings! While guys can also benefit from a manicure, it’s usually the bride—or brides—who will be getting the full-on nail treatment. Whether you choose fake nails or simply work with your own, check out these trends and tips for wedding nails in 2020.

Wedding Nail Color Trends

Wedding nail color trends for 2020 so far seem to be following a familiar palette—mostly white, cream, pink, silver, and gold. However, some brides are dipping further into the rainbow, picking up colors from their wedding color palette such as rich rose, red, peach, or even black.

White Base Coat with Metallics

One popular 2020 wedding nail trend is a milky white base coat with metallic touches. We’re talking rose gold foil accents, delicate bronze patterns, or fine gold lines or stars.

Natural Touches for Wedding Nails

A simple nude base coat is another classic for wedding nails that continues to be very popular in 2020. Try a nude nail decorated with tiny leaves along the edge for a summer wedding or accented with small white flowers for a spring wedding. A nude nail with snowflakes is perfect for a winter ceremony, while sleek nude embellished with silver lines and tiny crystals or rhinestones is beautifully elegant at any time of the year.

Ombre Wedding Nails

We’re seeing more and more ombre wedding nails, featuring colors like rich pink at the base, smoothly and gradually transitioning to white. Some brides do a transition from pale pink to deep rose, or from light pink to vivid blue.

Mix and Match Wedding Nails

Who says all your nails have to be one design? Many brides are trending toward doing all their nails in a solid color—say mauve, for example—and then having the third or fourth finger decorated with a beautifully intricate design. Or the first two fingers might be in pink and nude stripes, while the last two fingers and the thumb are creamy ivory.

When To Get the Wedding Nails Done

It’s a good idea to get your nails done a day or two before the wedding. Any later, and it could feel like a tight squeeze to cram this in along with all the other things you have to do. Any earlier, and your nails could chip or become stained before the big day.

What to Bring Along for Repairs

In case of torn nails, chipped polish, or other disasters, have one of the bridesmaids bring along a wedding nail emergency kit. The kit should include base coat, top coat, and nail polish to match the color (or colors) applied to the bride’s nails. You should also have a nail file and clippers or small nail scissors along. If the nail is splitting into the nail bed area, you can prevent it from tearing all the way through by applying a little bit of glue to the rip.

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