Pop Culture Wedding Themes

Pop Culture Wedding Themes

For many couples, the wedding is more than a ceremony that officially connects their lives—it’s also an opportunity to party, and to show off their personalities. Pop culture plays a huge part in the connection that some couples share, so it’s only natural to want to pay tribute to a particular book series, TV show, movie, or franchise that the new spouses share. Discover some pop culture wedding themes and explore ways to tastefully integrate them into your celebration.

The Fairytale Wedding

Whether we’re talking the Grimm Brothers’ tales or the Disney versions, fairy tales provide plenty of inspiration for weddings. Cinderella-inspired thematic elements could include crystal shoes reminiscent of the infamous glass slipper; a Beauty and the Beast wedding could include simple arrangements of red roses and a faux stained-glass backdrop.

The music from Disney’s fairy tale movies is particularly recognizable, so you could select instrumental versions of favorite songs, in a style that fits the tone of your wedding, and use those pieces throughout the ceremony and reception.

The Netflix Wedding

For many couples, Netflix and other streaming services have opened up a world of TV shows and movies they would never otherwise have seen. Maybe there is a particular show you and your significant other have binged together; you quote it to each other, and its aesthetic seems to fit your relationship.

Maybe it’s a sweet movie like “The Kissing Booth”—you could pay homage by including a “Kissing Booth” photo backdrop where guests can take cute pics at the reception. Perhaps it’s a more intense show like “The Witcher”—you could incorporate emblems, theme music, and accessories that tastefully hint at your shared love for the franchise.

The Sci-Fi Wedding

Whether you have a preferred trilogy or you love all the movies, you can design a Star Wars wedding that’s more gorgeous than geeky. Choose a suit style for the guys that is Jedi-reminiscent, fix the bride’s hair in an elaborate coiffure, and include sweeping navy or elegant black decor with starry silver or sequined highlights.

If Star Trek is more your style, include nods to the franchise with Star Trek lapel pins and go all out with a space-themed wedding cake. Shows like Firefly, Dark Matter, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Stargate all include a variety of costumes and icons that can easily be turned into subtle wedding decor elements, carrying the theme without overwhelming your guests.

Pop Culture Wedding Vows

If you’d rather not go all out with a pop culture wedding theme, you can keep the decor and ensembles fairly traditional and sneak a bit of your fandom into the wedding vows. Many books, TV shows, and movies feature quotable wedding vows. Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Twilight, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Corpse Bride are just a few of the many pop culture shows that include beautiful declarations of love that can be seamlessly integrated into your own wedding ceremony.

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