Top Tie Options for Grooms and Their Guys

Top Tie Options for Grooms and Their Guys

When it comes to wedding ensembles, the boys’ accessories are just as important as the girls’. And for many grooms and their guys, one of the key elements of the outfit is the tie. Whether you’re mixing and matching tie styles or going with one for all, you’ll want to check out these top tie options for husbands-to-be and their groomsmen.

The Regular Necktie

One of the tie options you may be most familiar with is the standard necktie—a long strip of material with a triangular tip. This type of tie is typically tied in a Windsor knot, a half Windsor knot, or a four-in-hand knot.

Since neckties are commonly used with business suits and for other semi-formal occasions, you’ll be able to find a nearly endless supply of colors, patterns, and even materials. Be sure you select a color and design that suits the color palette and tone of your wedding.

The Butterfly Bow Tie

You’re probably familiar with the standard bow tie. Yes, it’s called the “butterfly” bow tie because of the two wide “wings” expanding from the central knot. The type of butterfly bow tie seen with many modern tuxedos is called the thistle shape.

You can easily obtain these ties in a clip-on version, but if you want extra points for class and know-how, you may want to purchase one that you have to tie yourself. If you do, we suggest you watch a few YouTube videos on the topic of tying the knot (literally) and practice it a few times before the big day.

The Batwing Bow Tie

Did you know that there’s another kind of bow tie? It’s called the batwing bow tie, and it’s much narrower and straighter than the butterfly version. This crisp, classic bow tie works well for any formal affair, such as a wedding—even though technically it’s considered a bit more casual than other bow tie styles.

The Ascot

An ascot works well for a daytime wedding. It’s essentially a loosely arranged piece of fine cloth, typically made of a light silk so as to lie comfortably against the skin. An ascot often features bold patterns or colorful designs, so if you’re interested in a unique yet elegant look, give it a try.

Remember, this accessory is meant to be tied more loosely than other tie styles, and it tucks inside the neck of the shirt rather than hanging over it. So, you’ll be leaving your shirt’s top two buttons open to allow the ascot to rest comfortably in that space, with its ends hidden. If you’re not sure about the look, check out some additional photos online to get an idea of the various ways to wear an ascot.

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