2020 Floral Trends

2020 Floral Trends

As 2020 rolls onward, we’re looking toward those spring weddings and considering the color trends sparking throughout the wedding scene. While some bouquet styles and flower species remain constant favorites, there are usually specific hues and mixes that rise in popularity with each new year. Check out these up-and-coming 2020 floral trends that are sure to turn heads when you use them in your wedding!

Neutral Blooms and Bleached Greens

Neutrals are an important part of any wedding color palette. In 2020, they’ll take center stage as a predominant part of floral arrangements for many wedding celebrations. Think soft, warm neutrals with touches of tender green throughout.

We’re also anticipating an emphasis on the newly titled “neo-mint” hue when it comes to greenery. Some florists have also taken to bleaching their greenery for a pale, fairy-like look.

Brightly Colored Mixes and Sun Palms

Wait, didn’t we just say that floral trends included neutrals? That’s right, they are—but if you tend to like the more vivid hues on the spectrum, you’ll be pleased to know that the crazy color combos of the 70s and 80s are making a comeback on 2020’s floral scene. And one way to include an extra dash of color and texture is to incorporate fanlike sun palms into the floral design.

If you’re looking to go the ultra-colorful route with your wedding flowers, you definitely want to be sure that your florist has a true artist’s eye and can guide you to just the right tones so the whole assemblage remains complementary rather than clashing. Consider keeping your bridal party’s ensembles more neutral to offset the sheer riot of color provided by the flowers.

Practical Posies

Many brides are taking a more practical approach to their flower choice, going beyond just the species or colors they like. They’re asking more questions. Are the flowers locally grown? Are they in season, and therefore cheaper?

What are the sources of these flowers? What are the providers and vendors doing to encourage sustainability, and do they follow environmentally friendly practices?

Other practical considerations include the time of the year—is the time of year dark and cold? Would guests appreciate warm, bright hues as part of the wedding, to lift their spirits? Or is it the height of a hot summer, when cooler-toned blooms could lend visual respite to the wedding color palette?

Minimalism for Wedding Flowers

Along with those practical considerations, and perhaps because of them, some couples are choosing a minimalist approach to florals. They may opt for ample greenery and a few choice blooms or cut back on greenery and select larger flowers that can make a statement alone or in small groups.

If you’re interested in minimalist bouquets and table arrangements, ask your florist about strong, visually evocative blooms that can carry the look of the table or the ensemble without a lot of extra frills. As an offshoot of the minimalist emphasis, we’re also seeing a trend toward deconstructed floral designs, with single stems, simple chains, and loose assemblages of blooms.

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