Creative Kits to Give to Your Wedding Party

Creative Kits to Give to Your Wedding Party

Want to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen something truly special? Explore these creative kits to give to your wedding party.

Wedding Day Emergency Kits

Every bridesmaid or groomsman can use a wedding day emergency kit, full of all the items they might need to help you and your wedding party face whatever the day brings. For bridesmaids, this type of kit might include makeup, nail polish (clear and colored), bobby pins, and tampons. A guy’s kit might include a lint brush, extra cufflinks, shoeshine wipes, spare pocket squares, hair putty or gel, and a comb.

Bridal party members of any gender should also have these items in their wedding day emergency kit—a bottle of water, a snack of some kind, a sewing kit, super glue, a nail file, hairspray, and tissues. Also recommended are pain reliever, bandaids, body spray or deodorant (or both), stain remover, breath-mints, and floss.

Grooming Kits

If you’re assembling special kits to use as gifts for your bridal party, why not consider a grooming kit for the guys? Assemble items like specialty shaving cream, aftershave balm, and a badger hair shaving brush; then add in brow scissors and tweezers. Nail files, nail clippers, a beard brush, beard oil, a battery-powered trimmer, and body spray are a few other items you can pack into the kit if you like.

For girls, grooming kits might include nail clippers, nail files, cuticle tools, nail polish, a brush, a shaver or razor, tweezers, and a pumice stone. You could also go the makeup route and do a beauty kit, complete with toner, moisturizer, an eye-shadow combo pack, makeup applicators and brushes, makeup-removing wipes, and facial mask packets.

Survivalist Kit

A zombie outbreak or apocalyptic event is unlikely, but your bridesmaids or groomsmen might find themselves stranded by a roadside or lost while hiking someday. Why not gift them with survivalist kits for just such occasions?

A top-notch survival kit includes a multi-tool with a small knife blade. You can also throw in a small, powerful flashlight with extra batteries, some duct tape, some Paracord, and matches. In case the matches get wet, add a flint to the mix. Water purification tablets, a small radio, a thin waterproof poncho, a few non-perishable food items, and a whistle also make good additions to the kit.

Every survival kit should also include first aid supplies like bandaids, gauze, bandage tape, pain reliever, antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic wipes.

Movie Night Kit

If you think your bridal party members might raise their eyebrows at a survival kit, why not assemble movie night kits instead? Start with one of those giant red-and-white striped popcorn buckets, and fill it with goodies, like packets of microwave popcorn or bags of gourmet popcorn.

Add a couple of classic movies or a gift card to rent a movie from Redbox, Amazon Video, or some other service. Then stuff in some large theater-sized boxes of candy and possibly a soda or two. You could even throw in some fun varieties of popcorn seasoning.

With these kits, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be even more thrilled that they offered to help you out on your big day! Check the Nanina’s in the Park blog for more wedding planning tips and ideas, or contact us for more details about hosting a wedding at our beautiful estate.


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