Color Palette Predictions for 2020 Weddings

Color Palette Predictions for 2020 Weddings

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be tough to stay on-trend while still celebrating your individuality and your preferences as a couple. One way to accomplish this is to stay familiar with current color faves and add your own twist into the mix. Get started by viewing our color palette predictions for 2020 weddings.

A Spectrum of Yellows

Here comes the sun! Pantone colors like Goldenrod, Lemon Fizz, and Mellow Yellow are on the shortlist to be hot at 2020 weddings. Mellow Yellow is especially intriguing as an inclusion in 2020 wedding palettes—its unique composition makes it a little tough to complement accurately. If you don’t have an artist’s eye yourself, ask an artistic or color-savvy friend to check out your palette plans. Sticking with earthy tones and natural textures will serve you well if you’re incorporating Mellow Yellow into the mix.


This peachy shade carries plenty of warmth without being overly rich. When you’re planning a wedding color palette that uses cantaloupe, include plenty of white, some jade green, and possibly a hint of pink for contrast. We’re expecting to see lots of this refreshing hue at 2020 weddings.


So, what’s “neo-mint”? Basically, it’s a very pale, very pure shade of mint that provides just enough color saturation while retaining a kind of elegant neutrality. It pairs well with natural, earthy tones like other soft greens and a whole range of browns from tan to chocolate. It can also work with aqua and creamy hues for a beachy vibe, or with pink or peach for a spring or summer wedding. Combine it with frosty white, silver, and evergreen hues for winter weddings.

Gray and Lavender

Brides continue to explore the many shades of gray, and in spring of 2020, you’ll likely see this many-faceted neutral paired with lavender. For more dimension in the color palette, add deeper shades of purple, blush rose, sea green, or leaf green.

Cinnamon Rose

Cinnamon rose is the new kid on the block in terms of wedding color schemes. It’s a cozy rose color with a rusty cinnamon warmth showing through. Pair it with blush rose, pale pink, or cabernet hues for a lovely, cohesive color family. Sage greens and sea greens work well with this blend as well. Plus, if you’re looking to add the metallics trend, gold or rose gold is the perfect accent to a color palette that includes cinnamon rose.

Totally Neutral

Tired of bold, vivid, over-the-top color schemes? You’re in luck, because 2020 is the year of neutral color palettes. Combine soft neutrals like gray, pale pink, light tan, white, or cream. Keep the focus on lovely textures—feathers, silks, fronds, foliage, lace, velvet, and more.

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