Planning Your Holiday Engagement Announcement (Part 2)

Planning Your Holiday Engagement Announcement (Part 2)

Even if you plan to announce your engagement at a holiday party or a festive dinner, you’ll need some official print or email announcements for friends and family members who don’t live nearby. Working with a skilled photographer is the key to getting this part of the process just right. Find out more in Part Two of our guide to planning your holiday engagement announcement!

Find the Perfect Photographer

First of all, you need an experienced photographer with the right equipment, skills, and vision to make you shine as a couple. You may already have someone in mind—if not, check with friends and family members to see if they have recommendations.

You can also go online and check out websites for local photographers, or ask for recommendations on social media. At Nanina’s in the Park, we have photographers and videographers that we recommend to our clients on a regular basis. You can find those names, along with links to more information, on our website.

Claim the Perfect Setting

If you’re planning to host holiday events, engagement dinners, or your wedding at Nanina’s in the Park, you can also take beautiful engagement photos on the grounds. The gardens are stunning, even in the wintertime, when they become a magical wonderland of snow and twinkle lights.

Many couples enjoy posing on the lovely bridge arching over the brook, or in front of the stunning estate itself. But there are hundreds of other lovely nooks and intriguing possibilities for staging your engagement photos.

Vary the Shots

A gorgeous setting is important, but it’s also wonderful to vary the types of shots you take. You just might fall in love with the pose that you least expected to prefer! A good photographer will walk you through some charming poses and scenarios, but you can also share your own ideas.

An “under the mistletoe” shot is always adorable. Hang the mistletoe in an archway or on a snowy tree branch, or have your significant other hold it over both your heads as you kiss. If it’s freezing outside, sit side by side on a rustic bench, wrap yourselves in a bright, cozy blanket, and hold chalkboard painted mugs or a chalkboard sign that announces your engagement.

If you’ve already got a kid or two in the mix, let those little ones join in to make the announcement even cuter! Custom-made shirts, hand-lettered signs, fun poses, and more can make the holiday engagement announcement a whole-family affair.

At a time of year when everyone’s craving a little extra sparkle in their lives, showing off that engagement ring has never been more fun! Don’t stress about getting the engagement announcement pristinely perfect. Remember that the ideal engagement announcement is one that lets everyone know your good news in a way that shows your personality as a couple. At Nanina’s in the Park, we’re here to help you every step of the way, from providing a space for your engagement photoshoot to hosting all your guests on your wedding day.


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