Trend Alert: Monochromatic Weddings

Trend Alert: Monochromatic Weddings

Monochromatic weddings are a hot trend right now; and for couples who like to keep it simple, that’s good news! Using a monochromatic color scheme often has a calming effect, and it can be a relief to the eyes. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to incorporate subtle, streamlined elegance into the wedding aesthetic. Discover several ways to pull off a perfectly monochromatic wedding.

All-White Wonder

White is the given companion to a monochromatic wedding, as it pairs well with any other color. However, white itself is a color and is more than capable of carrying off the wedding theme all on its own. Consider having an all-white wedding with hints of ivory and cream for contrast, with plenty of sparkling glassware to add even more light to the occasion.

Purple Passion

A purple wedding offers an entire spectrum of lovely complementary hues. Combine rich plum purple with lavender, or choose other color points along the purple range to develop your palette. And remember to add white judiciously for visual interest.

Everything Orange

Orange comes in so many variations, from lovely pale peach to tangerine to the deep, rich reddish-orange of a sunset. Cream or ivory pairs well with a monochromatic orange wedding.

Gorgeous Gray

You can have your own “fifty shades of gray” with a gray-hued monochromatic wedding! Think pale pearly gray, rich marbled gray, steely slate, and deep, elegant gray. Pattern and texture are key here—if you use shapes, prints, and texture judiciously, this monochromatic celebration will be anything but boring.

Crisp Black

Black and white weddings are notoriously dramatic and elegant, with a modern edge that’s tough to beat. Take the color scheme to the max by incorporating crisp patterns and sharp lines, geometric prints and elegant shapes.

Blushing Rose

A rose-themed wedding can bend the monochromatic rules a bit, offering you ranges from pale pink blush to rich merlot. Use plenty of blushing pink so pale it’s nearly neutral, and then accent with those delicious dark rose colors for a wedding that’s sure to wow your guests.

Lush Green

Green is one of the most restful colors for the eye, and if you’re a lover of nature, a monochromatically green wedding is a no-brainer. Think deep ivy green with white, luxurious jade with cream, or leaf-green and pale eucalyptus. There’s endless variety within the green spectrum, so have fun with it! Just remember to avoid sickly pea-soup greens or yellow-greens that may be visually displeasing to your guests.

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