How to Choose a Unique Wedding Theme

How to Choose a Unique Wedding Theme

Are you tired of all the typical wedding themes? If you’re ready to step far away from the common colors and symbols, get ready for a list of dramatic, unusual wedding theme. Find out how to choose a unique wedding theme that will stay in your guests’ minds for years to come.  

Follow Your Fandom 

You’ve probably seen or heard of weddings centered on a specific fandom. There have been Harry Potter weddings, Star Wars weddings, Alice in Wonderland weddings, The Walking Dead weddings—and the guests will never forget those unique celebrations!  

Whether you’re a fan of Twilight, Indiana Jones, Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, rom-coms, or some other fandom, you can find a way to incorporate that passion into the theme of your wedding. Keep in mind that fandom-themed weddings aren’t necessarily tacky or overly casual. Depending on the theme, they can actually be understated, elegant affairs that pay subtle homage to the source material. 

Choose Your Favorite Food 

Believe it or not, one couple actually themed their entire wedding around their love for bacon. While this popular breakfast food may not be the best theme choice for your wedding, you could adapt the idea and celebrate your love of a particular beverage or food choice.  

Weddings themed around wine, candy, local produce, savory meats, fruits, or a particular kind of cuisine can be fun and memorable for everyone involved. Be sure to provide information for any guests who might have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.  

Create Your Own Fairy Tale  

Do you have a favorite fairy tale? Couples have tied the knot amid themes related to The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and more. You can follow the Disney versions, go back to the Grimm fairy tales, or develop your own unique take on the old stories.  

Fairy tales often include settings and symbolism that are fun and challenging to incorporate into a wedding theme. With the help of your wedding coordinator and vendors, you can craft a wedding scenario that feels like your very own fairy tale.  

Celebrate Social Media 

Did you and your spouse-to-be meet online through a social media channel? One couple met via Twitter and chose to celebrate that social media avenue with their wedding theme. You could pay homage to a chat service, messaging system, social media channel, or online dating service that connected the two of you and helped your relationship bloom.  

Remember Your Meeting Place 

If you met in a unique setting or scenario, you could use that event as your wedding theme. One couple met on a Delta flight and incorporated all things airline-related into their wedding—including Delta flatware, oxygen masks, amenity kits, and beverage carts.  

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