How to Plan for Outdoor Spring Wedding Photos

How to Plan for Outdoor Spring Wedding Photos

After the music has ceased playing, the cake has been eaten, and the guests have gone, you’ll be left with only memories of your wedding day—and those coveted pictures. Find out how to plan for outdoor spring wedding photos so that you can ensure a successful photoshoot and a set of gorgeous images to enjoy for years.

Choose a location.

You may want to take photos in a lush garden, or under a bevy of blooming cherry trees—but be sure to talk it over with your photographer first. You’ll want to do a walk-by of the spot at different times of day to find out when the area is busiest, especially if it’s located in a public space such as a park.

Some brides prefer a grunge look or a more rustic background. Be sure that you have owner permission if you’re shooting on private property. If your shoot takes place on a street or somewhere in the city, ask a few friends to be on hand to shoo pedestrians and bikes away from your photo zone.

Consider timing and sun angles.

Plan your photoshoot for a time of day that puts the sun at the optimal angle for shooting. Consult with your photographer on ideal times.

Leave off the perfume.

Rich perfumes, especially those with floral notes, tend to attract bees and other insects. Skip the tempting fragrances so you won’t be swarmed by bees looking for nectar.

Since you’ll be holding flowers, you may attract a few insects anyway. Recruit a family member to stand by with a fan and direct the buzzing intruders elsewhere.

Prepare for the heat.

The spring sunshine can be surprisingly warm, especially if you’re standing directly in a patch of it. Remember to bring along blotting tissues and powder to eliminate unwanted shiny patches on your face during the photo session.

Be prepared to forgo your preferred background if the sun becomes too intense—you can always find a shady spot that will look equally good in photos. Shade also provides soft light, which is more flattering than direct sun.

Have a rain plan.

Spring weather can be notoriously fickle. The day may start out sunny and beautiful, but dissolve into showers later.

Having a plan in place ahead of time will help you stay calm and sane even if the weather interferes with your original plan. Bring vintage umbrellas, scope out a covered spot, or take a couple photos of the two of you kissing in the rain or wearing cute rain slickers.

Be open to spur-of-the-moment ideas from your photographer. Sometimes those random moments of inspiration yield the most beautiful shots! If you need more ideas for spring wedding photos and you’d like to tour the beautiful grounds at Nanina’s in the Park, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you achieve the photoshoot of your dreams.

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