Creative Ways to Infuse Your Wedding with Your Theme

Creative Ways to Infuse Your Wedding with Your Theme

A wedding theme can make your celebration more cohesive, fun, and memorable! Once you’ve selected a wedding theme, you might be unsure how to communicate that theme to your wedding guests. Explore some easy, creative ways to infuse your wedding with your theme.

Wedding Colors

The three or four main colors that you select for your wedding should reflect the theme. Usually, experts suggest picking one or two brighter, bolder colors and then a couple of more neutral options. Check with an artistic friend or a savvy designer to ensure that the hues you want actually work well together visually.

For example, if you’re having a beach-themed wedding, you might select a tan or taupe color reminiscent of sand, along with a vivid blue or deep turquoise like the ocean, and some other complementary color.

A casual wedding that celebrates something you both love, like Marvel comics, for instance, might incorporate bold, bright colors that reflect the outfits of those favorite characters.

Wedding Venue Decor

Be sure to take a couple tours of the wedding venue where you plan to host your celebration. As you walk through the grounds or the rooms that you plan to use, think about how you can add wedding theme elements to the existing decor.

Talk to your wedding coordinator and the on-site event specialists to get additional ideas for bringing your theme to life in the wedding venue spaces. Banners, bunting, chair decorations, tablecloths, aisle runners, and flowers choices can all play a part in setting the stage for your perfect themed wedding.

Wedding Favors

When you’re selecting wedding favors, try to communicate the theme through the items you choose. A rustic wedding might offer favors like tiny, beautiful jars of local honey, or tins of locally made sweets. A beach-themed wedding might supply ocean-scented candles.

Wedding Music Options

The music you choose for the wedding is a vital part of creating the atmosphere you desire. If you’re having a movie-themed wedding, you might choose a familiar piece from the soundtrack as the music for the bride’s walk down the aisle.

If you’re opting for a country theme, you could use the regular wedding march, but ask your musicians to give it a country twang. Then you could select peppy, country-style songs for the dancing at the reception.

Wedding Signage and Programs

The wording and images on your wedding signs, invitations, and programs can also be tweaked to communicate the theme. A Great Gatsby-themed wedding invitation or sign might include black and gold invitations with vintage font and dramatic wording; a modern wedding program could feature geometric shapes, clean lines, white space, and some metallic foil lettering.

Wedding Outfits

Of course, the spouses-to-be and their wedding party should choose ensembles that reflect the theme clearly without going overboard into cheesy or tacky. If you love steampunk, you can select styles and accessories that hint at clockwork and corsets. For a nautical-inspired wedding, opt for relaxed styles and accessories that reflect a boating lifestyle.

If you have questions about how to infuse your wedding theme into the big celebration, talk to our event specialists at Nanina’s in the Park. Our team has helped many couples achieve the wedding of their dreams, and we’d be happy to share ideas and tips for creating a themed wedding that you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

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