Wedding Guest Outfit Options for Men

Wedding Guest Outfit Options for Men

When a friend or relative is getting married, you’re expected to be there to share in the joy— and that means finding an outfit that’s just right for the occasion. Suit or no suit? Tie or no tie? How dressy should the slacks be? What about the shoes?

So many questions— but with a few basic rules, you can ensure that you’re well-dressed for any wedding you attend. Discover some wedding guest outfit options for men.

Think About Formality

First, consider the formality level of the wedding. The invitation may state it obviously, or there may be clues about formality in the design and quality of the invitation.

For most weddings, it’s appropriate for men attending the event to wear a regular suit and tie. “Black tie” or “black tie optional” wording on the invitation indicates a classic dark suit or tux.

Some weddings are openly casual or semi-casual, and the couple will typically indicate that on the invitation. A dress shirt or polo shirt is still appropriate for this type of wedding, but you can skip the tie, and you may be fine with khakis or even jeans.

If you’re not sure how formal the wedding is, ask the couple or a knowledgeable family member to give you that information. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to ensure that you show up in appropriate attire.

Don’t Snag the Attention

Taking attention away from the bride and groom is a big no-no. Anything you wear to a wedding needs to be fairly neutral and unremarkable; you can look stylish and suave, but you should avoid anything too bold or flashy.

Never wear all-white to the wedding. A white shirt is fine, under a blazer or vest, but don’t show up in a white suit.

Be Respectful

You may want to show off your personality a bit in your outfit, and that’s okay, as long as you remain respectful of the occasion. Keep in mind that people of various religious affiliations will be at the event, so you may need to curb your usual flair just a bit.

Don’t Break the Bank

If you don’t own the necessary outfit, you can rent or borrow it. There’s no need to buy an entirely new outfit for one wedding. However, it never hurts to own at least one well-fitted dark suit; so if you don’t already have one in your closet, this may be the perfect excuse to invest in that wardrobe essential.

Remember the Shoes

As you’re planning what to wear to the wedding, don’t forget to think about shoes! You’ll need a pair of shoes that’s as formal as the outfit you’re going to wear. A classic pair of black or brown dress shoes will usually do the trick. Make sure those shoes are polished up before the big event!

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