What to Remember When Planning a Small Wedding

What to Remember When Planning a Small Wedding

For some couples, the idea of a big wedding is overwhelming and unappealing. They would prefer a small, intimate gathering of close friends and family, rather than a sprawling, lavish affair.

A small wedding can be just as elegant and luxurious as a large one, depending on your budget and preferences. Find out what to remember when planning a small wedding, so that you can create a successful, memorable experience for yourselves and your guests.

The Venue Size

You’ll need to select a venue that works well for the number of guests you plan to have. You don’t want your small group of wedding guests clustered in one corner of a huge space.

Check with your preferred venue to discover what accommodations and room options they offer. Many venues, like Nanina’s in the Park, have a number of spaces available, of varying sizes. Venues can sometimes close off part of a larger ballroom to create a more intimate space for your party.

The Guest List

Creating your guest list is potentially the most difficult part of having a small wedding. Not everyone who knows you and your partner will receive an invitation— there simply won’t be space for everyone. You’ll have to make some tough decisions about who is or isn’t included.

Be prepared for negative reactions from some of your relatives when they find out you’re planning a smaller wedding. You can gently explain your wishes and your process if you want, but ultimately, it’s your day and your decision, and your friends and relatives must respect that.

The True Priorities

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re having a smaller wedding is to spare yourself some of the stress that accompanies a larger celebration. A smaller wedding can be just as stressful if you let it; so be sure to refocus on elements of the wedding that are actually important.

Keep in mind that your experience is what matters— not necessarily the choice of side dishes or the specific types of flowers in the boutonnieres. Being with people you love and preserving important memories are the most important parts of the day.

An Extra Indulgence

Since you are having a smaller wedding, you’re saving money on big budget items like food and drinks. Consider re-investing that extra capital in some special extras for your guests. You could select more luxurious wedding favors, finer food choices, or more unique beverage options.

A smaller wedding can be the perfect option for couples who want to focus on each other and the people they love best. If you’re considering a small wedding, contact the event specialists at Nanina’s in the Park and tell us about your vision for the day. We’ll be glad to help you plan an intimate celebration of your marriage at our beautiful venue.

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