Bridal Makeup: How to Plan and How to Communicate

Bridal Makeup: How to Plan and How to Communicate

On your wedding day, you want to look like your best, most beautiful self. With the right makeup artist, your natural beauty will shine through, and you’ll be a vision of loveliness to everyone who sees you. Before you have your first trial for bridal makeup, check out our tips for how to plan and how to communicate with your aesthetician or beauty stylist. 

Bring Photos to Your Makeup Trial 

If there’s a particular vision you have for your bridal makeup, you’ll need to communicate that to your makeup artist. Search online or check through magazines to find images that appeal to you. Pinterest is a helpful resource for makeup ideas and styles.  

Select images that most closely resemble the look you want and email those to your makeup artist, or bring them along to the makeup trial.  

Talk About Features 

At the makeup trial, be prepared to talk honestly about your facial features. Which features of yours are your favorites? Which ones do you want to downplay? 

Having an honest conversation about features with your aesthetician can be incredibly helpful. He or she will be able to better identify the features to enhance and which ones to conceal or contour differently.  

Have Realistic Expectations 

Your makeup artist should be able to make you look like your most beautiful self— but she can’t work miracles or perform plastic surgery. You can bring photos for inspiration, but don’t expect to be the mirror image of a celebrity or model.  

Listen to your aesthetician’s advice. If she recommends certain tones of makeup for your coloring, keep an open mind and give the look a try.  

Get the Details in Writing 

If you’re having trouble communicating effectively with your aesthetician, makeup artist, or stylist, start by getting as much information as possible in writing. You need a succinct agreement that specifies what your stylist is responsible for, along with a quote or estimate for the cost.  

Ensure that there is a clear email chain or text trail for everything. Who is supposed to purchase and bring the makeup? When is payment due to the artist? How many trial sessions are included? What if you aren’t satisfied with the results? All these details need to be established in writing.  

Switch Makeup Artists if Necessary 

If you’re discovering multiple contradictions or miscommunications between you and your aesthetician, ensure that you’re not the one causing the issues. Have you communicated clearly? Have you provided the vendor with everything he or she needs to complete tasks?  

If so, then the problem may not be on your end. It may be time to consider switching to a different makeup artist or stylist. Find someone who is reliable, skilled, and detail-oriented so you don’t have to worry about makeup on your big day.  

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