Creative Cost-Effective Centerpieces for Your Winter Garden Wedding

Creative Cost-Effective Centerpieces for Your Winter Garden Wedding

Who says you can’t have a garden wedding during the winter? If you love the garden theme, but your wedding takes place during the cold months, don’t despair. With some creativity and vision, you can develop a decor style that suits you as a couple and expresses your love for nature. Find out how to create  cost-effective centerpieces for your winter garden wedding.  

Go Green 

One way to keep costs down is to use plenty of greenery and fewer flowers. Ask your florist about cheaper greenery that will create  lush, overflowing centerpieces at a lower cost. If you’re not sure which florist to use, explore the vendor section on the Nanina’s in the Park website to discover a few of our favorite providers.  

Thrift and Paint 

Think outside the box with your centerpiece and table accents! Instead of large vases of flower arrangements, you could buy discount bottles and jars at a thrift store and spray paint them to sync with your wedding color palette. Use clusters of these jars and bottles as centerpieces, and place a single beautiful bloom or spray of green in each one. The cumulative effect will be lovely for a fraction of the price. 

Use Beautiful Branches 

In the wintertime, there are plenty of bare branches available. You can gather some from a friend’s property, spray-paint them white or silver, and use them to give height and beauty to your reception tables. The branches will lend a forest feel to the setting, and you can add additional greenery and flowers to taste.  

Indulge in Gorgeous Glass 

Large glass bowls or wide vases filled with water provide the perfect background for floating candles, glitter, flower petals, leaves, or individual blooms. Deck out the bowls with these lovely bits and then add more leaves and petals on the tables.  

Add Variety with Plants 

Succulents, herbs, ferns, small square containers of fresh growing grass— they all lend that lush and varied aura to your winter garden wedding. Place these plants as centerpieces on your tables, grouping them together or spacing them apart for effect. You can even borrow some cute potted plants from friends and relatives, cutting down on the cost of obtaining them all from a florist.  

Light It with Lanterns 

Instead of plain candles, try rustic lanterns with real or electric candles. The lanterns give an additional outdoorsy, rustic feel to the setting. Surround each lantern with greenery and choice blooms, or accent with pine cones, berries, twigs, and evergreen boughs.  

Creating an indoor winter garden wedding takes some ingenuity, but it’s possible to create the perfect natural setting while keeping your guests warm and comfortable. When the weather outside is too chilly for a wedding in the gardens, bring nature indoors and enjoy a winter garden wedding in the beautiful ballroom of Nanina’s in the ParkContact us for tours and details.

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