How to Infuse Holiday Glam into Your Wedding Decor

How to Infuse Holiday Glam into Your Wedding Decor

With a holiday wedding, the trick is finding the right balance between too bland and too over-the-top. You want your wedding to be festive, fabulous, and memorable for your guests, without going too far into the seasonal decor. Discover how to infuse holiday glam into your wedding decor! 

Candles, Lots of Candles 

There’s just something about the warm, flickering light of candles— they create a charming, romantic atmosphere, and they’re also festive. Depending on the rules at your venue, you can use regular candles or battery-powered versions. Choose varieties that are fragrance-free, and look for varieties encrusted with sparkles or glitter for extra impact. 

Holiday Ornament Wedding Favors 

A custom-made or customized holiday ornament is a delightful wedding favor option for your holiday wedding. Choose beautiful pieces that will be treasured keepsakes for your guests. If the items are fragile, be sure to package them safely so they’ll make it home with your guests in one piece.  

Glamorous Holiday Bouquets 

Ask your florist to infuse elements associated with the season into your bouquet and those of your bridesmaids. Icy crystals, white twigs, strings of pearls, and sparkly accents take your bouquet from gorgeous to glam, adding holiday cheer without detracting from you as the bride.  

Mistletoe Photo Op 

At your reception, encourage the romance to blossom among your guests! As part of your photo booth, include a beautiful archway or backdrop featuring a bunch of mistletoe. You’ll see plenty of couples puckering up for a photo, and the experience will add to the charm of your holiday wedding.  

Silver and Gold 

Traditionally, silver and gold decorations are part of the holiday look. Choose one of these classic metals to feature in your wedding decorations, or find a way to include both! Gold or silver accents in floral arrangements, vases, candles, and signage take your wedding’s look to the next level. Don’t forget silver or gold ribbons for chairs and wreaths, as well as gold and silver jewelry and accessories for the wedding party.  

Romantic Holiday Cake 

Ask your baker about creating a cake that has a little extra holiday flair. Frosted red berries, powdered sugar, a touch of green, or tiny images of white reindeer can give a nod to the holiday without going overboard. If you’re doing a theme with plenty of silver and gold, ask your cake maker to play up those metallic elements in the cake design. Edible pearls and crystals also boost the glam factor while keeping your cake tasty. 

At Nanina’s in the Park, our venue already features elegant decor and beautiful details, making it much easier for you to achieve the glamorous look you want. Contact us anytime for a tour of the venue, or to ask for advice about vendors, decor options, lighting, and menu options. With help from the event specialists at Nanina’s in the Park, you can infuse holiday glam into your wedding decor and have the holiday wedding of your dreams!

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