Grooms’ Accessories to Showcase Personality

Grooms’ Accessories to Showcase Personality

While your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to break out your favorite college hoodie or well-worn leather jacket, you can still show off aspects of your personality in the way you assemble your outfit for the wedding. Check out some grooms’ accessories to showcase personality while still maintaining a crisp, classy look.  

The Tie 

Are you a bow-tie guy or a classic necktie dude? Wide or narrow? Textured or smooth? Patterned or solid? There are a hundred different ways to show something about your personality through the tie you select. You can also investigate various ways to tie your tie, like the half-Windsor knot versus the traditional Windsor. Keep in mind that for bigger guys, a proportionally wider tie and a broader knot tend to look more attractive, while a narrower tie and a half-Windsor works well for men with a slim frame.  

The Cufflinks 

Have you ever worn cufflinks? If not, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity. Cufflinks can be anything, from tiny bicycle wheels to Superman symbols. Whatever your thing is, you can represent with a pair of awesome cufflinks. Let your groomsmen know what you’re planning to wear so they can coordinate theirs to your set.  

Other Jewelry 

If you have pierced ears, you’ll want to choose the right earrings to set off your groom’s ensemble. It’s usually best to go with a simple, classy hoop or stud. However, studs can come in broad range of shapes and designs, so this is another chance to show a little personality. Just be sure to check your choice with a style-savvy friend or with your spouse-to-be.  

You can add a bracelet or chain to the look as well, depending on your style preferences. Something engraved with a word, saying, phrase, or date that is special to you as a couple could be incredibly meaningful as part of your outfit.  

The Shoes 

Do you love your comfort, or are you more about style? From boat shoes to cowboy boots, there are all kinds of footwear options to show off the kind of person you are. Check out a selection of brogues, lace-ups, boots, derby shoes, and espadrilles to figure out which kind best works for you as a person. 

More Accessories 

Fashionable hats, tie pins, medals, vests, belts, and watches all make a statement about who you are. Choose high-quality pieces that make you feel comfortable and well-dressed. Ideally, you’ll be able to use those items again in the future.  

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