How to Tastefully Promote Your “Unplugged” Ceremony to Guests

How to Tastefully Promote Your “Unplugged” Ceremony to Guests

Smartphones and their cameras are everywhere— and with them, every detail of your wedding ceremony and reception can be uploaded to social media within minutes. What if you don’t want all those photos taken or uploaded by your guests?  

You may want to consider having an “unplugged” ceremony, where no one is allowed to take photos or mention the wedding on social media for the duration of the event. Discover how to tastefully promote your “unplugged” ceremony to guests. 

Help Your Guests Understand Your Reasons 

Maybe you dislike the idea of amateur photographers taking inappropriate or low-quality photos at your wedding. Perhaps you’re nervous that camera flashes and reflective smartphone screens will interfere with your photographer getting the high-quality shots he or she needs.  

There may also be more serious reasons for your choice, like a foster child, adopted child, or children in a troubled custody situation whose security might be compromised if their photo appeared on social media. If high-profile or celebrity guests are attending your wedding, they may also prefer an unplugged ceremony, to avoid publicity issues.  

You don’t have to explain all your reasoning to your guests, but a brief explanation could help them accept your choice to have an unplugged ceremony.  

Add a Details Card to the Wedding Invitation 

If you’d rather not mention the unplugged nature of your wedding right on the invitation, or if you need extra space to explain your wishes, add an insert in the invitation envelope. Include phrasing such as the following: 

  • “Our professional photographer will be taking photos throughout the wedding and reception. Please relax and enjoy the moment, and we’ll share the lovely images with everyone after the celebration.” 
  • “We ask that our guests leave cameras at home and refrain from using cell phones to take photos or to post on social media. The wedding photographer will capture the special moments and we will gladly share those images with you.” 

Place Signage Appropriately at the Wedding Venue 

Your guests may not remember the wording on the invitation, so you’ll need signs at the wedding venue on the day of the event. Instead of dramatic or forbidding signs with cautionary colors, opt for attractive, eye-catching signs.  

Order hand-lettered wooden signs or have chalkboard signs beautifully designed by an artistic friend. Include wording like, “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. We ask you to join us in being fully present by putting away all your electronic devices.”  

You could also say, “We want to see the joyful faces of the people we love! Please turn off phones and cameras until after the ceremony.” 

Having an unplugged ceremony can protect the privacy of your guests and family members, and it can preserve the exclusivity and beauty of your official wedding photos. Keep in mind, however, that you may miss out on some unique or delightful candids!  

If you do choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony, ensure that you purchase a photo package that permits family and friends to save and print images, rather than only viewing them online for a limited time. Consider allowing everyone to pull out their cameras again during the reception, so they can capture their own memories of your special day at Nanina’s in the Park 

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