How to Personalize Wedding Party Gifts

How to Personalize Wedding Party Gifts

From the moment you get engaged to the day you arrive at your wedding venue for the ceremony, your friends and relatives are there for you. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, you have a special relationship with the people in your wedding party, and you want to let them know how special they are. Find out how to personalize wedding party gifts, and discover some popular customized options.

For the Bride

Thanks to internet retailers, you can have almost anything monogrammed, engraved, or embroidered. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Remember, double-check the craftsmanship and quality of each product before you order. Most companies are happy to send you samples, so plan ahead and request those well before the wedding date.

Engraved Jewelry

A locket, bracelet, brooch, ring, or anklet is a classic gift for the girl friends and relatives who will be joining you for the big day. Have each piece engraved with a short phrase or monogrammed with the person’s initials, making the gift an extra special treasure.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a fun, apt gift for your bridesmaids— and toasting your happiness will be more fun if the gifts are personalized. Consider a cute saying, like “Eat, Drink, & Be Married,” or some other phrase, along with the name or role of the wedding party member.

Customized, Comfortable Robes

Fluffy, silky, or floral robes are a lovely gift that your bridesmaids will be able to enjoy for years. Skip the wedding date on this gift, and instead have each woman’s name embroidered or printed on her robe. You can all wear the robes while getting ready on the big day!

For the Groom

Whether they’re your brothers, childhood friends, cousins, work pals, or college buddies, the guys joining your wedding party are important to you, and they need to know it. Check out a few ways that you can give them a lasting reminder of your friendship.

Craft Beer and Customized Koozies

Spend a little extra on craft beer for the guys who will be standing next to you on the big day. You can order custom beer koozies labeled “groomsman,” “best man,” etc., or go the extra step and have each one customized with the guy’s name. If your friends prefer something subtler and stronger, order a monogrammed hip flask for each.

Monogrammed Money Clip

What’s classier than a monogrammed money clip? While most guys wouldn’t buy one for themselves, they would certainly enjoy the luxe feeling of carrying cash in an engraved clip. Make your groomsmen feel like high rollers with this gift!

Personalized Gym Bag

Whether they hit the gym or not, your groomsmen will appreciate the utility of a high-quality gym bag. It’s ideal for traveling, toting supplies, camping, or stashing exercise gear. Make sure each bag has the appropriate name, either in full or in monogram. Just remind your guys not to transport their tuxedos in the bags, or the wedding could be a wrinkle-fest!

Of course, there are hundreds of other options for your wedding party gifts— tote bags and frames, blankets and tool boxes, bottle caddies and compacts— all of which can be personalized. Choose a wedding party gift that will be useful and meaningful to your friends— a long-term reminder of your relationship and the important moments that you’ve shared.

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