How to Do Tasteful July 4th Wedding Celebrations

July 4th wedding

Are you planning a July 4th wedding? The holiday, with its patriotic overtones and its emphasis on family and togetherness, can be a perfect backdrop for your wedding celebration. However, that’s exactly what it needs to be— a backdrop, not an overpowering or corny theme. Discover how to do tasteful July 4th wedding celebrations that give a nod to the occasion without going too far.  

A Subtly Patriotic Color Scheme 

You don’t have to use the precise hues from the flag in your wedding; in fact, it’s best to avoid that overtly patriotic look. Instead, try subtler shades, like rich burgundy with navy and white, ruby red and sky blue, or cream with smoky blue and dusty rose. Even a simple, crisp white with shades of blue and hints of silver will work beautifully. 

Festive Decor Elements 

July 4th comes with plenty of basic shapes and patterns that you can incorporate into your wedding. You can repeat a five-pointed star motif, possibly using a large wooden star as part of the centerpiece decor for your reception tables.  

If you use stripes, vary the sizes and shades of the stripes so they will hint at patriotism without screaming “American flag!” Tinted glassware, patterned fabric, and rustic elements or textures play well as decor elements at a July 4th wedding.  

Florals with a July 4th Twist 

For your bouquet and centerpieces, talk  to your florist about blue flowers that might be in season and within your budget. Since there aren’t many blue-hued blooms available, you may want to opt for a sprinkling of these flowers within a bouquet made up of mostly white or crimson blooms. Incorporating tiny white or silver stars is a lovely touch; but if you’d like to have a more noticeable festive note, try a bit of bunting or a small flag in each centerpiece.  

Favorite Holiday Foods 

An All-American July 4th celebration often features grilled meats, grilled veggies, watermelon, and delicious desserts. You’ve got the dessert covered with a cake from our chefs or from one of our favorite bakers, as well as other delectable dessert options like tiramisu, cannoli, French pastries, mousses, and more.  

What about the rest of the menu? Can you pay tribute to the holiday while still keeping your wedding chic and elegant? Talk to the event specialists at Nanina’s in the Park and explore the available menu options, along with any possible July 4th-style adaptations.  

For example, our menu already includes a delicious variety of grilled vegetables, including Portabella mushrooms, red roasted peppers, eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, and Finocchio. Our event specialists will help you decide on the perfect July 4th-inspired entrées, cocktails, and pass hors d’oeuvres.  

Important Memories 

As you plan your Fourth of July wedding, you may want to honor someone in your family who has served in the military. Tastefully and correctly displaying a flag at your reception, along with a photo and important medals, could be one way of honoring that man or woman’s service.  

Sparklers and Colorful Lights 

Maybe there were figurative fireworks when you met, and you’d like to get married with the distant showers of colorful sparks in the sky. While you can’t have fireworks shot off at your beautiful venue, you can use sparklers, glowing balloons, or colorful electric lanterns to light your way to the getaway car.  

Who knows— you and your guests may have a good view of some faraway fireworks as you make your big exit!  

Planning your Fourth of July wedding is a team effort, so don’t do it alone! The event staff and wedding specialists at Nanina’s in the Park are happy to help you figure out the best way to honor the holiday while keeping the focus on you and your significant other. Keep in touch as your July 4th wedding date approaches!