How to Sustain Yourself Through a Packed Wedding Season

wedding season

Do you have a lot of weddings coming up? Maybe your fridge is plastered with invitations or your home inbox is overflowing with them. As much as you love celebrating special days with your friends, you’re not sure how you’re going to last through the entire series of weddings. Unlock the secrets for how to sustain yourself through a packed wedding season! 

Mingle If You’re Single 

Are you single? Did the invitation not allow for a “plus one”? Weddings are great places to meet new people— and besides the obligatory wedding gift, they’re free to attend! Think of each wedding as a dating game, and you’ll have a lot more fun. 

Even if you’re married or attached, you can look for new friends and interesting people at the wedding. Be sociable, get people talking, and you’re sure to hear some amazing stories. 

Stretch the Gift Budget 

You’ll need to buy a gift for every couple whose wedding you attend. Technically, you have up to a year to purchase the present, so if you need to spread out your gift-buying for budgetary reasons, you can do so.  

Plan ahead and decide how much you can spend on each couple. Some thrifty yet useful ideas include a beautiful cookbook, an inexpensive coffee machine, a food subscription, a customized cutting board, or small home essentials like unique mugs, soft hand towels, or interesting coasters.  

Eliminate One or Two Weddings 

If there are just too many weddings coming up, you may have to skip one or two of them. Prioritize the weddings of family members and close friends, and RSVP your regrets to the others.  

Don’t Drink Too Much 

Sure, the drinks may be free— but the last thing you want to do is act crazy at someone else’s elegant wedding. Know your limits, and stop before you reach them. This celebration is about the newlyweds, and it’s important to keep the attention on them. Enjoy the wedding, and always have a plan for getting back safely to your hotel.   

Buy Something New 

Are you dreading the next wedding on your calendar? Bribe yourself with a new outfit! A brand-new dress, a fresh suit, or some stylish accessories just might make you more excited about attending another spring or summer wedding.  

Network with Other Professionals 

Maybe you’re more focused on career possibilities than finding a new significant other. Chances are, there are some very successful people at the wedding, so be bold and introduce yourself. Who knows which professional doors may open for you? 

Enjoy the Drama 

Even the most elegant wedding may come with a touch of drama or unexpected excitement. Soak it all in, and you’ll have a fun story to tell later. And remember to bring a couple of clean tissues so you can offer them to the overly emotional wedding guest next to you.  

A spring wedding or summer wedding is primarily an occasion to celebrate two people joining their lives and hearts; but it can be much more than that. It’s a chance to mingle, network, enjoy interesting food, practice your conversational skills, and dance! Plus, while you’re visiting all these weddings, you can be gathering ideas for your own gorgeous wedding someday. When you’re ready to plan your own special day, contact Nanina’s in the Park to schedule a tour of our stunning venue