How to Customize Your Wedding Ceremony

How to Customize Your Wedding Ceremony

Choosing a beautiful wedding venue, selecting gorgeous flowers, and picking a band or DJ that you love are just a few ways to make your wedding special. You can customize the wedding decor, choose just the right wedding favors for your guests, and select a magnificent menu for the reception.  

But at the core of your wedding is the ceremony itself— the ritual that binds you and your partner together, legally and socially. How can you make this part of the wedding unique to the two of you? Find out how to customize your wedding ceremony with these five tips.  

Tip 1. Talk to Your Partner 

First of all, it’s important to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to your vows. It will be awkward if one of you presents a long, emotional tribute, while the other rolls through a few humorous sentences. Are you going to keep it serious and sweet, or go with funny yet meaningful? Talk about it first and come up with a format and tone you both like.   

Tip 2. Include Some Memories 

How did the two of you meet? When did you first suspect that this person might be “the one”? Who said “I love you” first, and where? Use these and other questions to trigger some of the best memories of your life together so far. Often, a sweet or funny memory is the perfect way to begin your personalized wedding vows.   

Tip 3. Picture the Future 

The two of you make each other’s lives better— that’s one reason you’re getting married. How do you see yourselves living, working, and loving together? Imagine what a future together could be, and talk about that briefly in your vows. When you think about being close and connected to this person for many years, how do you feel? Work those emotions into the wording for your customized ceremony.  

Tip 4. Make Real Promises 

The very word “vow” connotes a solemn promise, a deep and unshakeable commitment. Life can introduce tangles and complications into a marriage, but right now you’re choosing to be together and to commit your lives to each other. What does that mean to you?  

Think about the promises that you want to make to your partner, and include those in your weddings vows. They might be big, sweeping promises, like “I will stand by you no matter what comes our way,” or specific promises like “I promise to put my socks in the laundry hamper every night.”  

Tip 5. Write Everything Down 

Do you have some beautiful thoughts and phrases that you’d like to use as you customize your wedding ceremony? Don’t try to hold those gems in your head— write them down! Even if you’ve got a sharp memory, you’re likely to lose your train of thought as you’re standing before all those guests, staring at the person you love most in the world.  

After you write your vows, memorize them if you can. If you can’t, or if you’re afraid you’ll get stage fright, entrust the notes to your groomsman or bridesmaid, so that person can hand them to you when the moment comes.  


Writing your wedding vows and customizing your wedding ceremony is a personal affair, but sometimes it helps to have a little outside perspective from the experts. For ideas and advice, you can always connect with the team at Nanina’s in the Park. Our experienced wedding planners and staff are happy to tell you about beautiful weddings they’ve witnessed and help you make your own wedding meaningful, unique, and memorable.  

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