Summer Wedding Cocktail Ideas

summer wedding cocktail

If you’re planning to include cocktails at your summer wedding reception, you’ll want them to be refreshing and unique— bonus point if they link to your wedding theme in some way. Be sure to include a few different varieties of cocktails so that each of your guests can find something he or she will enjoy! Explore these summer wedding cocktail ideas and discover a few that might be perfect for your big day.  

Guava Mimosa 

Add a twist to the beloved mimosa and create a Guava Mimosa! Swap out the usual peach purée and use guava instead. Sparkling wine and guava purée, along with a garnish of rock candy, appears to best advantage in a champagne flute. You could also substitute pomegranate as the fruit flavor.  


Looking for something classy, refreshing, and tropical to go with your beach themed wedding? Why not try our Flirt-Tini from our cocktail menu. Featuring champagne and pineapple juice, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser that will remind everyone of a Caribbean vacation.  


Want something a little stronger for your guests? Offer a Sazerac made with top-shelf rye whiskey, absinthe, and Peychaud’s bitters. For a little nod to summertime, include a candied lemon peel along with the traditional sugar cube. With its New Orleans roots, this cocktail is perfect for guests who love to party well.  

Watermelon Radish Martini 

Create a Watermelon Radish Martini that stands out, thanks to the inclusion of a colorful and unique vegetable as garnish. The watermelon radish is much larger than normal radishes. Slice it thinly and you’ll see its vivid dark pink flash, surrounded by a ring of brilliant white. With its crisp texture, lightly spicy flavor, and faint sweetness, it makes a fantastic garnish. Add it to a martini composed of gin, Cocchi Americano, Peychaud’s bitters, grapefruit juice,  lemon juice, sugar, and ice. If you don’t have access to watermelon radishes, you can use regular radishes, grated, to lend your martini its spicy summer flavor.  

Mint Julep 

The Mint Julep is a Southern summer classic often associated with the Kentucky Derby; so if you love horses it’s easy to say “yes” to this drink. It starts with a glass of crushed ice, to which you add 2 ounces of Bourbon and a tablespoon of mint syrup or simple honey syrup. Stir it and top it with a sprig of fresh mint. Some varieties incorporate crushed lavender with a lavender garnish in addition to the mint, while others include caramelized pecan crumbles, lemon wedges, or a strawberry as a garnish. You can add ginger syrup or brown sugar if you want a little extra originality.  


There’s a good chance that there may be a few people at your wedding who don’t drink; or perhaps you’re even planning a dry wedding that’s completely alcohol-free. Ask your caterer or drink provider to come up with some ideas for interesting, delicious mocktails. Set out the mocktails in beautiful glasses and deck them out with typical cocktail garnishes like summer fruit, light herbs, mint leaves, sugar, and flower blossoms. Fresh, healthy juices and carbonation help to take these beverages to the next level without the addition of alcohol. For more ideas, check out these cocktail recipes from 

Remember, your wedding venue staff and catering team at Nanina’s in the Park have some great cocktail recipes and suggestions as well. Our expert mixologists can create the ideal set of cocktails to complement your wedding colors, your wedding theme, and your personal preferences.