Save Vs. Splurge: Which Parts of the Wedding Deserve the Biggest Investment?

save vs. splurge

Most weddings don’t come with unlimited funding; you have to create a budget and decide how much you’re going to spend in each category. In order to spend more in one area, you’ll probably need to cut back in another. Which parts of the wedding deserve the biggest investment? Explore these suggestions to choose whether to save vs. splurge.  

Splurge: The Venue 

Location, location, location— it’s not only vital in the real estate arena, but also in the realm of wedding planning. It’s advisable to spend a little extra on the space for your wedding so you can spend less on decorations and supplies. The elegant yet intimate atmosphere of the wedding venue is well worth the splurge— bonus points if the place has a beautiful outdoor space as well.  

Save: Flowers and Decor 

A venue like Nanina’s in the Park has gorgeous gardens and a magnificent interior, so your wedding would be lovely even if you did nothing more than add a flowers to the reception tables. When you splurge on the venue, you can save on decor items. Of course, it all depends on your personal priorities. If you adore lush arrangements and bouquets, you can opt to budget extra for flowers and cut back on a different area of the wedding.  

Save: The Dress 

Of course you want to wear a dress that you love for your wedding; but it doesn’t have to have a designer price tag. A vintage dress or a pretty cocktail dress will work just as well and cost you less. If you’re still in love with the idea of looking like a princess, look for a dress that is discounted or pre-owned. In fact, a pre-owned dress can give you the high-end fashion you crave at a fraction of the price.  

Splurge: Photography and Videography 

Your wedding photos and videos will last long after you drive away from the wedding venue. Instead of trusting those precious memories to an amateur or someone with cheap rates, spend a bit more to get a top-notch professional photographer and a skilled videographer. Nanina’s in the Park has a list of several professionals that we recommend.  

Save: Music and Entertainment 

If your venue already has a sound system, it’s easy to save some money in the area of music and entertainment. With a great audio system, you don’t even need a live band. Opt for a wonderful DJ instead and save a bit of money. Your guests will enjoy the playlist and the dancing, and you won’t miss the presence of a live band. If you really want a band, check our list of recommended entertainment groups.  

Splurge: Food 

Your guests will remember the food served at your wedding for weeks, months, or even years afterwards. Make it a delicious memory by investing additional funds in the wedding menu. At Nanina’s in the Park, we offer delectable wedding menus, all of which are beautifully and artistically presented. If you’d like to deepen the splurge, check out our “Over the Top” menu for some truly luxurious dining options.  

Still not sure where to save and where to splurge? Ask the experts! Our event team at Nanina’s in the Park has handled many weddings, and we can advise you about some ways to trim your costs so that the entire wedding fits neatly within your budget. Contact Nanina’s in the Park today to schedule a tour or make inquiries about wedding plans.