Grooms’ Trends for 2018

groom trends

As a groom, you want to rock this upcoming wedding. In 2018, it’s not all about the bride’s style— grooms have plenty of opportunities to showcase their personal style as well. Check out some hot groom trends for outfits, accessories, and more. Whether you’re enjoying an outdoor garden wedding or a delightful indoor reception, you can look your best and enjoy your special day.  

A Shot of Color 

Gone are the days when a black tuxedo was your only option. Sure, it’s still a classy, elegant choice; but this year, you can shake things up when it comes to your formalwear. Weddings in late 2017 and early 2018 show grooms embracing a love of bold colors. Think burgundy, bright blue, shades of pink or hunter green, or vivid purple.  

Color Blocking 

Take the idea of a colored tuxedo a step further! Modern grooms are opting to color-block their tuxes and suits instead of sticking with the traditional monochromatic look. If you want to try this, we suggest a dark pant with a lighter colored jacket. Combinations like purple vests and gray pants, blue pants with an apricot jacket, or black pants with a burgundy jacket could work well, as long as they’re part of your existing wedding color palette.  

A Slim Cut 

The skinny pants trend continues, coming onto the bridal scene in the form of slim-cut suits and tuxes for grooms. No matter what your size or shape may be, it’s advisable to get your suit tailored. A well-fitting jacket, cut perfectly through the shoulders and chest, is timelessly sexy. Your tailor can also help you find the right size and fit for your tapered, skinny trousers. Just make sure that you’ve got enough flexibility and comfort to cut loose with your dance moves at the reception.  

Unique Boutonnieres 

The groom’s boutonniere is usually a tiny, edited version of the bride’s bouquet, pinned to his lapel. However, you can take some liberties with the traditional boutonniere by incorporating special elements that speak to your personality or accomplishments. Shells, corks, medals, ribbons, burlap, berries, succulents, herbs, and foliage are all options when it comes to 2018’s boutonniere designs.  


Textures are a big deal for groom trends this year. Go all out with a brocade jacket, or keep it subtle with a velvet bow tie. If you’re not into brocade or velvet, try linen, seersucker, tweed, or corduroy. For a summer wedding, look for breathable or moisture-wicking fabrics. If it’s a fall or winter wedding, try something thicker and warmer, possibly with a lining.  

Accessories and Extra Touches 

Want to stand out from your lineup of groomsmen? Grooms in 2018 are letting their personalities show with a variety of accessories and style choices. Choose a unique tie in a bold print or pattern, wear a different colored suit from the rest of the wedding party, or tuck a brightly colored pocket square into your jacket. Add quirky socks, vintage cufflinks, high-end sneakers, or retro wingtips to your ensemble to help you stand out and express yourself on the big day! 

Remember, the wedding is a joint effort, so be sure to coordinate all your style choices with the help of your partner! If you need additional advice or suggestions for your wedding, feel free to consult with the experts at Nanina’s in the Park. Our experienced wedding staff and event coordinators will be happy to advise you about ways to stay up with groom trends and make your celebration special.