Creative Table Accents for Your Wedding

Creative Table Accents for Your Wedding

When it comes to reception table decor at your wedding venue, you probably think of the centerpieces as the primary element— but there’s more to table decor than your flower arrangements! The accents you include with the centerpieces can take your decor up a few notches, from just “nice” to “amazing!” Discover some add-on options to give the tables at your reception venue that picturesque look.  

Table Runners for the Reception 

Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous pattern or a luxurious solid-colored textile. Choose material in a quirky print, a pretty pattern, or a rich solid hue and use that fabric as table runners, cloth napkins, placemats, or the surface for your centerpieces.  

You may even choose to go all out with fabric in multiple textures and coordinating colors. Just remember, if you’re having a spring or summer wedding, keep the fabric lighter in weight or in color, so you don’t end up with the “cozy” look that’s more appropriate for a cold-weather wedding.  

Try lace table runners for a romantic wedding or sequined cloth to jazz up the look. If you’re not a fabric fan, paper table runners could work instead. Opt for a bold, of-the-moment pattern— for instance, thick black and white stripes are hot right now. 

Flower Petals for a Romantic Wedding Venue 

For weddings at romantic venues like Nanina’s in the Park, you can’t go wrong with flower petal accents. Ask your florist about scattering some rose petals, leaves, or single blooms along the tables or around the centerpieces. The idea is to have a free-flowing, artistic look, not a messy one, so be sure to keep the accents coordinated and simple. Also, be sure that you limit the flower petals to the center of the tables, to ensure that none fall to the floor and cause a trip or slip.  


Need a sprinkle of something sweet? Scatter cute wrapped candies around your centerpieces to add fun and color to the tablescapes. If you’re having a candy motif or sweets theme for your wedding, this type of accent is especially charming. Your guests can enjoy the treats while they wait for the reception to begin.  


Ornate lanterns can be lovely table accents. They don’t even have to include candles— or you could insert safe electric candles instead. Choose vintage pieces or modern creations that you love, and place them along the table at intervals between your floral arrangements.  


Whether you’re hosting the reception outdoors or indoors, you can feature pinwheels as a tribute to summertime fun! DIY them with the help of your bridal party, or buy them online or at a local shop. Choose colors and patterns that coordinate with your other decor, and stick the pinwheels into pretty jars or vases filled with colorful stones, shells, or glass beads.  

Origami or Paper Sculptures 

Do you have a friend who is skilled in the Japanese art of paper-folding? Ask him or her to create some beautiful pieces for your wedding tables. Hand-folded paper flowers or paper animals add delicacy and interest to your reception tables, and they are great conversation starters. You could also use laser-cut pieces or pop-up designs for a touch of whimsy and fun.  

Succulents or tiny potted plants, handmade place cards, seashells, pinecones, starfish, postcards— any element that goes along with your wedding theme or symbolizes your love can become a table accent. Talk it over with your significant other or a design-savvy friend and decide on decor items take your wedding tablescapes to the next level. Before you finalize your plans, be sure contact our on-site experts at Nanina’s in the Park to get valuable advice and assistance.  

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