Creative Spring and Summer Bouquets

spring and summer bouquets

After the long, cold days of winter, it’s so refreshing to see green leaves and green grass again! If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, communicate that sense of relief, joy, and growth through the bouquets you design for your big day. Explore some ideas for creative spring and summer bouquets for your upcoming warm-weather wedding.  

Free-Form Wedding Bouquets 

Instead of neatly formed, perfectly shaped bouquets, brides in 2018 are breaking out of the box. Free-form bouquets have been trending for a couple of years, and the trend will only grow stronger this spring and summer. Bouquets with an artful disarray or careless charm are much in demand, so talk to your florist about selecting a lush bouquet with plenty of overflowing flowers and foliage.  

Pearls and Diamonds for Wedding Bouquets 

Maybe it’s the romance of the royal wedding, but diamonds and pearls are back, big-time. You’ve seen the pearls and gems on the runway— don’t forget to incorporate them into your spring or summer wedding bouquet. Your florist can twine strings of pearls through the flowers or drape them from the bouquet handle. Flashing gems set throughout the bouquet are the perfect luxurious touch for a romantic wedding ensemble.  

Dark Florals for Spring and Summer Weddings 

You may have noticed that darker hues are hot, both for home decor and for weddings. Deep, moody colors like navy blue, burgundy, and black are on-trend right now. Mixed in with other richly hued blooms or used as accents in a large bouquet, black flowers lend sophistication and elegance.  

Try the Queen of the Night tulips, which bloom in spring, or experiment with gorgeous purple calla lilies. Hellebore, which is often white or pink, also has a rare purple form that looks incredibly exotic. Black pansies, black petunias, and black dahlias are gorgeous additions to an edgy spring or summer bouquet. Select varieties that work with the color palette you prefer.  

Succulents and Unexpected Greenery for 2018 Weddings 

The crisp look and lovely textures of succulents have made them popular in homes; and now, succulents are entering the world of bridal bouquets. Your florist can help you find a way to showcase your favorite style of succulents in your bridal bouquet.  

If succulents aren’t your thing, look for some other unique greenery options. Include a variety of textures, shades, and types of greenery among your flowers. Jasmine vines, flowing seeded eucalyptus, foxtail grass, variegated ivy, ferns, dusty miller, and Acacia foliage are all beautiful choices for 2018 summer wedding bouquets.  

More Floral Accessories for Your Spring Wedding or Summer Wedding 

Don’t limit your floral accessories to the bouquet! Remember the floral crown that’s been popular lately? According to PopSugar, the festival-style crown of blooms is out, but floral jewelry is in!  

Have your florist craft a bracelet, tiara, or statement necklace from the same blossoms and greenery that you plan to feature in your bouquet, and ask your hair expert to work the floral piece into your style. Use smaller versions of your favorite blooms to avoid overwhelming your outfit with your floral accessories. 

With the help of a skilled florist, recommended by Nanina’s in the Park, you can have a spring wedding or summer wedding that features this year’s best creative bouquet trends. Contact our event experts today to schedule a tour of our beautiful venue and gardens— the perfect backdrop for your special day.