How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Decor

personal touch

When you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you might start to feel overwhelmed with the number of cookie-cutter options and mass-market items. How can you ensure that your wedding stays within the budget, while still expressing your personalities as a couple? Explore some ways that you can add a personal touch to your wedding decor.  

Exotic Flowers 

Unique flower selections can make your wedding stand out. When you’re selecting flowers for bouquets and centerpieces, ask your florist to show you some less popular varieties. Gorgeous blue-purple Muscari, Gloriosa lilies (fire lilies), fluffy Viburnum, spiky Celosia, Pincushion Protea, round Allium, bell-shaped Pieris, and delicate Scabiosa are all lovely options. These flowers are like well-kept secrets, and choosing them can add a personal, special touch to your wedding decor.  

Giant Initials 

You can personalize your wedding quite literally with a giant wooden cutout of your initials. It’s a fun decor piece and it also provides a fun spot to take photos. Ask a friend with carpentry skills to make one and paint it, or order one online. For a less expensive option, cut large initials and an ampersand out of thin plywood and nail them to a rustic ladder. This look works well for a casual outdoor wedding or one with a rustic theme. You could also add lights, glitter, flowers, or a backdrop to glam it up.  

Wedding Hashtag 

Do you have a wedding hashtag yet? Recruit your friends and family to help you come up with a catchy one, or brainstorm a wedding hashtag during your next date night. Your wedding hashtag provides a common link, a digital destination for all things related to your wedding. Use it on the save-the-date cards, the invitations, the decorations, the photo booth, and the wedding favors.  

Fun Food Stations 

Nanina’s in the Park offers a variety of ways to personalize your wedding, including a number of interesting and delicious food stations to fascinate your guests. The seafood station features fresh jumbo shrimp and sea scallop scampi, cooked up by an award-winning chef while your guests look on. There’s a carving station with flank steak, Vermont turkey, or other options, served up with all the trimmings.  

A chafing dish station, pasta station, or pastry en croute station are also available, and there is even a “Taste of Asia” option, which includes dumplings, Lo Mein noodles with chicken breast and filet mignon, vegetable fried rice, and a sake bar. These stations serve as entertainment, dining, and decor, offering an additional point of interest during your celebration. Ask your contact at Nanina’s in the Park to tell you more about the homemade bread station, wine tasting station, and other options that represent your favorite kinds of food.  

More Choices 

Other personal touches to make your wedding special could involve childhood photos of both of you, mementos from trips you have taken, a signature cocktail, or seating cards that feature photos of your guests. Don’t forget the custom cake topper, unique gifts for your wedding party, and personalized favors for everyone. Think about some activities, interests, or passions that you and your spouse-to-be have in common, and then find a way to share those things with your guests at your wedding.