The Groom’s Wedding Day Survival Kit

wedding day survival kit

Is your bride-to-be planning or packing her wedding day bag? Watching her stuff all the emergency sewing supplies, face wipes, breath mints, and makeup items into her bag might make you wonder— do you need a similar survival kit? Yours probably won’t include nail polish or lipstick, but there are a few must-have items that can smooth over any mishaps on your wedding day. Check out our essential checklist for every groom’s wedding day survival kit.  

The Kit 

The first thing you’ll need is something to hold your survival items. It could be anything from a plastic bag to a nice leather travel kit. We vote for the leather travel kit; it’s your wedding day, so you deserve a little luxury. Buy a new one, or pull out one that you already own.  

A Snack 

Brides and grooms are often too excited or too busy to eat a full meal on the wedding day. Add a power bar or some other quick snack to your kit to give you energy for the day’s activities.  

Breath Freshener and Floss 

Your bride is probably packing gum, mints, or a tiny toothbrush; it’s only right for you to offer her the same courtesy. Your first kiss should be minty-fresh, not stale or smelly; plus, your guests don’t want to smell what you ate for breakfast when you greet them. Tuck your favorite mints or other breath freshener in your kit; and while you’re at it, toss in some plain chapstick to moisten your lips. Throw a couple of toothpicks or some floss into your survival kit too, just in case your pre-wedding snack decides to hang around between your teeth. 

Stain Remover 

Spills can happen when you’re clinking glasses or bottles with a groomsman a little too enthusiastically, or when you’re chowing down on a quick snack to give you energy for the ceremony. Stains can occur within seconds, so make space in your kit for a stain removal stick. Check with your suit tailor to make sure you choose a stain remover that is safe for the fabric.  


Weddings often elicit a lot of happy tears, and not just from the guests. When you see her walking down that aisle towards you— let’s just say fortune favors the prepared. Tuck a tissue or two in your kit, and put one in the pocket of your tux as well, or go fancy with a fine handkerchief.  

Deodorant and Cologne 

Although it may seem simpler to pack just one, we suggest you include both cologne and deodorant in your kit. You may think you can cover up unwanted body odor with cologne, but it’s not the best route to go on your wedding day. Reapply deodorant directly as needed, then lightly spritz a bit of cologne. Don’t overdo it; some of your guests may be sensitive to fragrances.  

Hair Control  

Toss a small bottle of hair gel or spray into your kit, along with tweezers or a small hair trimmer. Include a comb as well. That way, you’ll have everything you need to control stray hairs. It’s especially important to have hair gel or spray if you’re getting married in a garden venue or outdoor space, where the weather can be unpredictable.  

Remember, your survival kit is all about being prepared for those small wedding-day emergencies. You can add as many or as few items as you like, including thread that matches your suit or a lint roller. Just keep in mind that your groomsmen may need you to bail them out with a toothpick or a breath mint as well.