What Should Go in Your Wedding Day Bag

wedding day bag

As a woman, you probably have a regular list of must-have items that you keep in your purse at all times— along with a few odds and ends that have found their way mysteriously into your bag. Your wedding day isn’t just any ordinary day, though; and to make sure that everything goes smoothly, your wedding day bag needs to have some extra “just-in-case” supplies. Find out which items you and your maid of honor should tuck into your tote bag before you head over to your beautiful wedding venue 

For Your Nails 

You’ve probably already had your manicure done, but those pesky chips or scratches can happen at any moment. Bring clear polish or whatever color matches the one on your fingertips. A nail file is a good idea as well.  

For Your Face 

Bring your favorite shade of lipstick so you can touch up your look after that ceremonial first kiss, before you go into the reception space. You’ll need to bring along items to keep your skin fresh as well— things like blotting papers, powder, and face mist. Don’t forget concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other makeup supplies, as well as makeup remover in case a mistake occurs and you need to start fresh. 

For Your Body 

A travel-size lotion keeps rough skin silky-smooth, while perfume or body spray helps you smell delightful. You should also bring along baby wipes, a change of underwear, and deodorant, since the wedding day nerves might make you sweat a little more than usual. Tuck some tampons and liners into the bag as well; chances are, either you or one of your bridesmaids will need one at some point. Grab a razor and a travel-sized shaving lotion as well, just in case one of the girls missed a spot or forgot to shave altogether.  

For Your Health 

Some people get headaches or stomach trouble on a big day; so think ahead and prevent those issues by packing pain relievers and antacid medication. To keep headaches and indigestion at bay, take care of yourself and make sure that you stay hydrated and fed, even if you feel too excited to eat or drink. Without proper nutrition and hydration, you can turn into a bridezilla. Bring some straws so you can drink without messing up your lipstick. Toothpicks, breath mints, and floss are also handy for keeping those pearly whites fresh and clean after snacks. In case of mishaps, the wedding venue will have a first aid kit available, but you can also bring your own if you like.    

For Your Outfit 

You’ll need an emergency sewing kit, super-glue, stain remover, white chalk (for hiding wedding dress stains if any occur), white duct tape, safety pins, and a lint roller. With these supplies, you can fix almost any outfit emergency. 

For Your Peace of Mind 

If you’re nervous that you might not have everything you need, consult with the event coordinator at your wedding venue to find out what supplies they may already have available at the venue. The staff at Nanina’s in the Park have helped hundreds of weddings go smoothly; and they are happy to be there for you, too.