Creative Winter Wedding Flowers

winter wedding flowers

Are you dreaming of a winter wedding? With so many weddings happening during the holidays, it’s important to find flowers that stand out from the crowd, even as they complement your wedding theme and your wedding colors. The florists recommended by Nanina’s in the Park can help you make the holidays your own by selecting unique blooms for your winter wedding flowers and centerpieces.  

The Romantic Amaryllis 

Legend tells of a young nymph named Amaryllis who fell in love with a strong, handsome shepherd named Alteo. Today, the scarlet flower named after her represents determination, beauty, and pride. With its romantic, mythic association, the amaryllis is the perfect flower for your winter wedding bouquets; and it comes in colors that blend perfectly with holiday hues, including red, burgundy, and white.  

Versatile Succulents 

Sure, they’re not exactly flowers, but succulents are hot items right now. Choose purple, pink, pale green, or white succulents and combine them with a few choice blooms. In fact, you can find these lovely plants in a broad range of beautiful, subtle hues and interesting shapes. There are red rosette succulents, tiny succulents perfect for boutonnieres, and deep purple or light green succulents that pair perfectly with winter wedding colors like silver and white.  

The Show-Stopping Protea 

Have you seen these stunning beauties? These plump, richly colored flowers have large oblong or triangular petals circling a delicate and complex center. Proteas can be huge, so they make the perfect statement flower for your special day. Try the showstopping Pink Ice Protea, perfect for a winter wedding, or carry a bouquet of lovely white protea flowers. According to legend, protea flowers are among the oldest in the world, and the symbolize courage, diversity, and transformation.  

The Richly-Layered Ranunculus 

With its layers and layers of gorgeous petals, the ranunculus is an of-the-moment favorite for weddings. The fullness of the blooms makes them ideal for big, impressive bouquets and centerpieces, although they look just as lovely in simple arrangements. Ask your florist to incorporate some of these lush beauties into your winter wedding flowers.  

The Star of Bethlehem Flowers 

If you’re looking for a unique flower choice that fits well into the winter season, consider the Star of Bethlehem flower. These winter bulb flowers are part of the lily family. With their crisp white blooms and bright green stems, they make a beautiful addition to any bouquet. If you love their simple style of beauty, you could cluster many of them together in a gorgeous bouquet of delicate, star-like flowers— just right for a frosty winter wedding. 

The Element of Surprise 

When you’re planning your creative flower arrangements for a winter wedding, think beyond the blooms themselves. Include a pine cone or two, or bedazzle the bouquet with a few tiny Christmas ornaments. Beads, pearls, buttons, ribbons, and tulle are all possibilities for adding a unique touch to the arrangements. For a frosty look, incorporate plants with pale-hued foliage, like eucalyptus and dusty miller. Add vibernum berries, holly, privet berries, or hypericum berries for contrasting size and texture or a splash of color. With your ideas and your florist’s expertise, you can have stunning, creative winter wedding flowers that your guests will admire.