How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

Wedding themes— there are thousands of possibilities! How will you ever pick just one? Here are some helpful questions and activities to help you decide on the perfect wedding theme that reflects the two of you as a couple.  

Explore Pinterest for Wedding Themes 

Are you a Pinterest fan? Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Search for weddings, wedding colors, wedding theme ideas, or unique wedding decor, and pin every image that appeals to you to a special wedding planning board within the app. Both of you can do this exercise, together or separately! Once you have a board full of images, go through them together and figure out which pictures you both love. It’s a great way to get the imagination going and figure out a shared vision for the day.  

Go Back to Shared Interests 

What do you and your special someone like to do together? Do you enjoy hiking, biking, or hot air balloon rides? Perhaps you love nothing better than trying new foods or cooking together. Maybe you love golf, horseback riding, traveling, or browsing art galleries. Choose an interest that you share, something that you’re both passionate about, and draw inspiration from that activity for the theme of your wedding.  

Tell Your Love Story 

Maybe you met at an amusement park, or on the beach. Perhaps he proposed during a weekend getaway in the mountains, or maybe you popped the question while you shared popcorn and a movie. Whatever your story is, there’s a way to turn it into your wedding theme.  

Snap Some Photos of Possible Wedding Colors 

When you are walking through the mall, visiting your favorite shop, browsing an art gallery, or strolling the downtown scene, keep your eyes open for colors and contrasts. When you see hues that mesh well together or images that evoke a romantic feeling, take a photo! Soon you’ll be able to see which colors and objects inspire the sense of romance, fun, uniqueness, or elegance that you want for your wedding.  

Choose a Holiday Theme for Your Wedding 

If you enjoy the unique sense of togetherness and celebration that a holiday can bring, you can pick a particular holiday as the theme of your wedding. A wedding near Valentine’s Day can be all about hearts and romance; a wedding on Memorial Day weekend could infuse military traditions and celebrate America. The winter holidays lend themselves well to weddings, with their traditions of festive lights, evergreen garlands, and rich colors.  

Let Your Wedding Venue Inspire You 

Your venue can be a wonderful source of inspiration. A venue like Nanina’s in the Park lends itself to a whole range of different themes; but it is particularly suited to weddings that include elements of romance, intimacy, and classic elegance.  

Remember, a wedding theme can be as subtle or overstated as you like. It’s your day, and if you and your spouse are having fun, everyone else will, too! 

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