10 Unique Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation

When you’re planning an intimate wedding close to home, you may start to feel a little lost among all the generic options presented by vendors. How can you ensure that your wedding feels personal to you as a couple and expresses your special love story? The difference is in the little things— including the wedding invitation. Check out these 10 ideas for unique wedding invitations.  

  1. A Pop-Up Invitation for Your Wedding 

Who doesn’t love a pop-up book? Pop-ups aren’t just for kids’ books— they can be beautifully crafted art pieces. Hire a local designer to make a pop-up version of your wedding invitation. It will cost more than a standard 2D invitation, but the extra delight that your guests will feel when they open it just might be worth the price.  

  1. A Ticket to Your Wedding Venue 

How many movies, concerts, or shows have you attended as a couple? Your wedding invitation could take the form of tickets. A vintage playbill theater ticket, an old-fashioned train ticket with flowing script, or a modern-style concert ticket are all fun sources of inspiration, especially when paired with wording like “Admit Two” or “For One Night Only.”  

  1. A Balloon with the Wedding Details 

One couple attached a deflated balloon to their invitations. When inflated, the balloon revealed the date and time of the wedding, along with other details. It set the tone for unbridled fun that the pair wanted to have on their special day.  

  1. A Passport-Style Wedding Invitation

Do you love to travel with your spouse-to-be? Why not use a travel-themed wedding invitation that acts as the guest’s “passport” to the wedding? You could also print faux boarding passes as a nod to your love of travel, even if your wedding takes place close to home.  

  1. One-of-a-Kind Art for Your Wedding Invitation 

Suppose you really have to keep a tight rein on the invitation budget. Can you still have something unique? Ask an artistic friend to design a unique style of typography or some interesting art to feature on the invitation.  

  1. A Handkerchief Map to the Wedding Venue 

One couple printed a map to their wedding venue on a custom handkerchief and wrapped it in a brown paper sleeve with additional wedding details. The handkerchief serves as a reminder, a useful tool, and an artistic keepsake.  

  1. A Wedding Invitation of Engraved Wood 

One couple had their wedding invitations engraved onto slim pieces of thin wood, about the size of a bookmark, but thicker. The effect was beautiful! To save money, have the invitations block-printed instead of engraved.  

  1. Origami as an Invitation 

Do you enjoy Oriental art or Asian culture? Order invitations that are beautiful examples of the paper-folding art. Each new piece that is unfolded reveals a fresh detail about the wedding.  

  1. Wanted Poster Wedding Invitation 

Maybe you share a love of the Old West and its rough-and-tumble charm. Create wedding invitations that mimic old-time wanted posters. Incorporate rustic decor and western elements into the wedding itself to unify the theme.  

  1. Invitation to a Ball

If you’re having your wedding at a beautiful estate, you could always go the “fairytale romance” route. Choose a design reminiscent of the Cinderella story or a masquerade ball.  

Any of these unique invitations will blend beautifully with a corresponding theme, no matter what type of venue you choose. However, most of them work best when your wedding is set at a beautiful location like Nanina’s in the Park. Remember to use an invitation that both of you love, one that sets the tone for your special day.