How to Have a Garden-Themed Wedding in Early Fall

fall garden wedding

Autumn brings cooler weather, and that’s good news for brides with their hearts set on an outdoor wedding! You can still have your dream open-air wedding in a glorious garden setting, even if the leaves are beginning to change color. Whether you’re tying the knot in September or the first weeks of October, check out these tips for a fall garden wedding.

Tip #1: Find a Venue with Beautiful Gardens

To have the perfect fall garden wedding, you need a venue with gorgeous gardens. Locate a venue whose grounds are well-kept and lush even during the onset of autumn. Even if there aren’t many flowers blooming, your wedding will still benefit from the beauty of the natural backdrop; and you can add elements like a floral arch and large floral arrangements to enhance the garden theme. Ideally, your venue should have a lovely indoor space as well, so that you and your guests can celebrate inside when it’s too dark or too cold outside.

Tip #2: Choose Flowers that Bloom in Early Fall

Did you know that there are plenty of flowers that bloom during the fall? By selecting these in-season blooms, you can have gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces that are on budget. Talk to your New Jersey florist about anemones, asters, fall crocuses, chrysanthemums, and sweet autumn clematis; or choose from seasonal beauties like dahlias, marigolds, sunflowers, snapdragons, and nasturtium.

Tip #3: Select a Garden-Themed Wedding Color Palette

Don’t limit yourself to fall colors simply because of the season. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a full-fledged garden theme for your wedding, complete with the color palette of your choice. Combinations like purple, burgundy, and orange; navy, yellow, and blue; magenta, poppy, and yellow, or emerald, cream, and gold are all combinations that lend themselves well to both the garden theme and the autumnal surroundings. Other options like cinnamon, yellow, and beige, or merlot, peach, and sage are more traditional color palettes for fall.

Tip #4: Inform Guests about the Venue

If you’re planning to have part of the ceremony or reception outdoors, be sure to include appropriate wording about the setting on your wedding invitation. That way, your guests can plan to bring a light wrap or shawl just in case the weather turns chillier than expected. If you want to go the extra mile, provide a basket or two of scarves and light blankets for elderly guests or others who may be more sensitive to the autumn chill. If your venue permits, you may also be able to rent some outdoor heaters to take the edge out of the fall air.

Tip #5: Expand the Garden Theme of Your Wedding

There is a myriad of ways to use the garden theme throughout your wedding. You can order invitations with sprays of beautiful flowers, request centerpieces with plenty of greenery for an indoor reception, use gold and green lighting for the ballroom, or celebrate the wealth of the garden with a menu centered on local produce. A chat with your wedding coordinator, venue representative, and other members of your wedding team may yield fresh, exciting ideas to help everyone enjoy and remember your fall garden wedding.