How to Ensure an Intimate Atmosphere for Your Wedding

intimate wedding

Some of the most beautiful, memorable weddings are those that carry an aura of privacy, exclusivity, and romance. Discover how to have an intimate wedding of your own.

Select a Venue with an Intimate Atmosphere

The venue you select is vital to setting the atmosphere you want at your wedding. For example, a location like Nanina’s in the Park can accommodate up to 400 guests, but it also has the classic feel of an Old-World estate, which lends charm and intimacy to any event held on the grounds. Choose a venue decorated in warm hues, with plenty of carpets, comfortable furniture, and charming details for a more cozy feel.

Adjust the Lighting for the Right Wedding Atmosphere

Lighting plays a major role in the atmosphere of a room, whether it’s a bedroom or a ballroom. Ask your venue’s event coordinator about lighting options that create a sense of warmth and intimacy. To evoke a sense of coziness, softer lighting in warm, golden tones is better than bright spotlights and blue or green lights. If your venue allows candles, whether real or electric, the warm flicker of their light will add romance and intimacy to the setting.

Use Small Tables

To make your wedding feel intimate, some event planners suggest using small tables, with only 6 people at each one, rather than the standard 8-10 guests. Carefully coordinate the seating chart so that conversation will flow easily.

Keep the Centerpieces Low

Having extremely tall centerpieces on the tables can get in the way of conversation and disrupt the intimate atmosphere that you want. Instead, choose lower centerpieces that won’t be in the way. Keep the centerpieces and flower arrangements to scale with the room, though; if they are too small, they will look out of place. For assistance with designing lush, gorgeous centerpieces with a lower profile, talk to an expert florist.

Request Lounge Areas Throughout the Venue

Would you like to encourage people to gather and chat together during the reception? Have your event set-up staff arrange a few lounge areas along the edges of the ballroom. This way, guests who do not feel like dancing can gather to talk and relax.

Treat Guests Like Family

Another way to have an intimate wedding is to give each guest personal attention. You may not have time to carry on long conversations with them all, but try to exchange a hug, smile, handshake, and greeting with as many guests as possible. Make sure that you hire plenty of hosts and service staff so that every guest is cared for and treated like family throughout the wedding.