Secrets for a Successful Summer Wedding

Secrets for a Successful Summer Wedding

Are you getting excited about your summer wedding? Here are a few ideas to help you have a successful summer wedding.

Select an Indoor-Outdoor Venue

Choose a location that includes a beautiful outdoor space and an equally gorgeous indoor space. That way, you can give your guests the option of going inside to cool off if the heat becomes too oppressive. For elderly guests and children, having access to air conditioning is important. Plus, if a summer thunder shower moves in during the ceremony or reception, you’ll all be able to take shelter quickly.

Have the Wedding Later in the Day

A late afternoon or evening ceremony ensures that the midday sun won’t cause too much glare for your wedding pictures and reception shots. Plus, your guests will feel a little more comfortable if they don’t have to sit outdoors during the hottest part of the day.

Say Bye-Bye to the Bees

Summertime means more insects, including bees. They tend to like sweet fragrances, so if you don’t want to attract them, avoid floral perfumes. Remind your bridesmaids to skip the scent or use just a light spritz. To prevent insects from landing on the food at an outdoor reception, request chafing dishes with lids and platters with covers. Ask your florist which flowers are bee magnets, and keep those off the buffet tables.

Serve Certain Foods Indoors

If you’re planning to have a raw bar, sushi platters, ice cream, or some other kind of temperature-sensitive food, you may be taking a risk if the outdoor temperatures are soaring. Ask your caterer about the equipment they offer and the methods they have for keeping those foods cool. You may wish to serve them indoors instead, or select other food options that are less susceptible to heat.

Plan for Allergies

Do you or your spouse-to-be have allergies? Check the pollen count for the day before the wedding and make sure you take your usual allergy medication. The last thing you want is clogged sinuses, inflamed eyes, and a runny nose on your wedding day.

Think Twice About the Ice Sculpture

Do you have your heart set on an ice sculpture? It’s going to melt quickly in the heat, so consider displaying it indoors. If you must have it outside, select a design that will still look good even as it is partially melting.

Consider Wardrobe Choices

If you’re going to be having the ceremony or reception outdoors, you may be walking on grass for part of the time. Remember that thin, spiky heels will sink into the turf, and your gown’s trailing train may collect dirt and grass stains. You may wish to opt for chunkier heels and a shorter gown instead.

Review Hair Options

Long hair, though beautiful, can act like a cloak on a hot summer day. Go for an off-the-neck style rather than flowing tresses to keep yourself cooler. At the same time, remember that a sculpted up-do with curls and lots of product may start to sag in the heat. A low ponytail, a braided style, or a chignon should hold its own better. Instead of fresh flowers in your hair, choose realistic-looking artificial blooms that won’t wilt.

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