Handling the Summer Heat at Your Wedding

Handling the Summer Heat at Your Wedding

Are you planning to take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and have an outdoor wedding? With the natural light and the beautiful surroundings, your pictures will be amazing. But what about the heat? If you suspect it might be a little too toasty outdoors on your wedding day, check out these survival tips for handling summer heat at your wedding.

Offer Cooling Cocktails

Why not provide the cocktails in popsicle form? Serve them in glasses before the wedding so that guests can enjoy the refreshment as they wait for the ceremony to begin. You can find recipes for popsicle flavors like vodka gummy bear, champagne-and-fruit, Bourbon and white peach, mint citrus mojito, or jalapeño mango margarita. Just be sure to have some clearly-marked virgin varieties available for any children and teens at your wedding.

Cover the Seats

If you have rows of chairs in the sun, they’re going to get hot, especially if they are metal or wooden chairs. Lay cloths, slipcovers, or cushions on the chairs to ensure that your guests don’t burn the backs of their legs when they sit down.

Provide Shade

Arrange tables or chairs in areas that are shaded by buildings or trees, rather than placing them in direct sunlight. Tents, canopies, or umbrellas are other ways to create shade for a wide open space. Talk to your wedding coordinator and setup staff about this ahead of time to ensure that plenty of shade will be available for your guests for handling summer heat.

Use the Wedding Favors

To amplify the amount of shade available, you can provide individual sun umbrellas for guests that double as wedding favors. Choose umbrellas or parasols that fit with your wedding theme and colors, and customize them with the date of your wedding or a special phrase. If you’d rather not do umbrellas, why not create customized paper fans as wedding favors? Lay them on each seat so that guests can create their own breeze. It’s a cheap and practical way to keep your guests cool, and they’ll love the concept.

Control the Sweat

Have pity on the guys in the bridal party! Allow them to skip the full tuxes with jackets and just go with a crisp dress shirt and a vest instead. Provide anti-sweat kits for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, including deodorant samples, body wipes, and sunscreen; or stock the bathrooms at the venue with these items.

Offer Plenty of Water

Encourage your guests to stay hydrated by providing tables with cold ice water and glasses. For a more casual and relaxed affair, you can supply large barrels or buckets full of ice, stocked with bottles of regular bottled water or mineral water.

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