Having a Beach Themed Wedding Indoors 

Having a Beach Themed Wedding Indoors 

Maybe you love the beach, but you just can’t make a beach themed wedding work— too far away, too hot, too much sand, or some other issue. There’s no reason not to have a beach themed wedding anyway! Check out these strategies for bringing the beach theme into your comfortable, air-conditioned wedding venue.

Beach Colors

One of the best ways to evoke a beach theme indoors is with your choice of colors. Consider choosing a wedding color palette with hues like white and aqua, blue and pale yellow, or sandy beige with sea-glass blue. Teal, purple, and green work well together for a waterside theme, or you can use coral and navy. Do you have a favorite photo of the beach? Identify some of the most striking hues in that photo and voila! You have your color scheme.


Nothing says “seaside” like a collection of beautiful white shells. Buy, beg, or borrow shells from shops, friends, and relatives. Do you know someone who is headed to the beach soon? Ask them to pick up some shells for you. You can also purchase bags of them in home goods stores or craft stores. The larger ones make great table decor, and the small ones can be piled in candle holders, vases, or jars and used in your centerpieces.

Rope and Raffia

Thick rope and raffia carry a nautical vibe, so incorporate these elements into your bouquets and your table decor. You could have rope looped along the chairs at the ceremony, or have a friend tie true sailor’s knots and use them as part of your centerpieces. Instead of flowers, the groom and his groomsmen could sport boutonnieres made of raffia or rope, garnished with seashells, sand dollars, or starfish.

Beach Footwear

Instead of close-toed shoes, let everyone in the bridal party wear flip-flops for a more beachy sensation. You can find some dressier flip-flop styles with beads, lace, or other delicate details for you and the bridesmaids. Just remember to get a fabulous pedicure since your toes will be on display.

Ocean-Themed Food and Drinks

Remember to carry the ocean theme into your menu selections and drink choices. Serve fish and other seafood, order a beach-themed wedding cake, and choose cocktails that have an island paradise vibe.

DIY Decor

If you’re into do-it-yourself projects, or if you have bridesmaids who love that sort of thing, check Pinterest and other sites for beach-themed decor ideas. Burlap chair sashes, fun pennants, starfish banners, and sand-dollar garlands will all bring a breath of ocean air to your indoor wedding.

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