Bringing the English Garden to Your Wedding

Bringing the English Garden to Your Wedding

English gardens are lush, charming, and romantic, with a delightful storybook feel. That’s why some brides choose to incorporate the concept of the English garden into their wedding theme. You may not have a genuine English garden on hand in New Jersey, but you can find an equally beautiful venue and add your own unique touches to create the right atmosphere.

Floral Dreams

To get that English garden look, you’re going to need an abundance of greenery. We’re talking sprays of gorgeous green in your centerpieces, clusters of glossy green leaves spilling from vases, over arches, and across tables. Plan to splurge on the flowers too, from big fluffy blooms to the tiny, delicate beauties so beloved of English gardeners. You may even want to drape your cake in gorgeous flowers. Ask your florist to select seasonal blooms to keep the cost manageable.

Pottery Plans

When you plan your centerpieces, consider having the flowers presented in earthy, chunky vases, jugs, pitchers, or bowls. Pottery pieces in brown, white, beige or other neutrals are perfectly suited to the lush richness of the English garden. As an alternative, you could choose tin watering cans, milk bottles, wooden crates, or metal buckets to hold the centerpieces and provide additional decor for the tables.

Music Choices

One way to enhance the atmosphere of your English country garden wedding is to select soft, romantic music for the wedding and the reception. Think about the soundtrack to the popular Jane Austen movies and select period pieces that go with your theme. If you’d like to spice things up a bit, throw in some classic Beatles tunes or modern music from your favorite British artists.

The Bride’s Ensemble

Have you chosen a dress yet? In keeping with your English garden theme, select something flowing and romantic, simple yet gorgeous. You can do long, wavy tresses with a headband of flowers, or a soft chignon or braided style studded with tiny blooms.

Tea for Two— or Two Hundred

If you’d like to take your English garden theme even further, serve tea instead of a hearty buffet meal. Cakes, tarts, finger sandwiches, salads, and fruit are light and appropriate for the theme. If you prefer something more filling, ask your caterer about menu options with a British or European flair.

Fabulous Favors

For the wedding favors, why not give your guests tiny hand-painted plates or teacups? Other options are little jars of jam or marmalade, customized pottery mugs, English garden soaps, wooden photo frames, or small watering cans with notes attached. Little bird cage lanterns, antique bottle openers, or vintage milk glass items are also sure crowd-pleasers for your English garden wedding.

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