5 Alternatives to Rice-Throwing at Your Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

In ancient times, people tossed rice or other grains over the happy couple at weddings to symbolize fertility. The tradition continued for generations until it became clear that Rice was not the most environmentally friendly thing to throw. So what can your guests toss or sprinkle on you and your new spouse as you make your exit from the wedding venue? Here are some modern alternatives to the traditional rice grains.

Bubbles are a delightful option for your grand exit. They’re inexpensive and harmless, and they don’t involve any cleanup for venue staff. Purchase some small bottles of bubbles and place them in large baskets. Then ask some of your bridesmaids or event staff to pass them out to the guests lining the steps or the walkway where you’ll be leaving the building. When you run the gauntlet of well-wishers, you’ll be greeted by clouds of iridescent bubbles!

Ribbon Wands
Another substitute for the exit toss is an array of colorful ribbon wands. The wands can be ordered or handmade by friends. Make sure that the colors of the ribbons coordinate with your wedding’s color palette. As you leave the venue, you’ll be surrounded by a medley of fluttering ribbons.

Wedding bells are an iconic way to celebrate a marriage. If you want to include this tradition at your wedding, why not give some of your guest’s tiny bells or chimes to ring as you leave the reception venue? If you would like the bells or chimes to double as wedding favors for your guests, include thoughtful notes on each one, thanking your guests for coming to celebrate with you.

Flags or Pennants
Similar to the ribbon wands, colorful flags or pennants provide a more festive exit for you, without leaving anything on the ground. Ask friends to DIY these for you, or order them in your wedding colors. Make sure you provide a basket so that your guests can return their flags to it rather than leaving them around the venue.

If you really want to have something tossed at you while you’re leaving the reception, try ecofetti! This type of confetti is biodegradable, harmless to animals and birds, and water soluble. It looks lovely and sparkly, and it will melt away with a sprinkle of rain.

Before you plan for your guests to throw anything at your wedding, check with the venue to ensure that your ideas are okay. After all, the venue staff will be the ones cleaning everything up after you make your grand exit. It’s a good idea to choose something that is environmentally friendly as well as considerate of others who need to use or clean up the exit area. If your wedding coordinator at Nanina’s in the Park approves of your exit toss selection, go for it and have fun!