Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends To Look Forward To In 2017

Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends To Look Forward To In 2017

If there’s any feature that’s inextricably linked with weddings it’s flowers! While trends may come and go and the vessels we choose to display them in may change from year-to-year, flowers will make up a core portion of your wedding budget. Like dress styles and color combinations, floral arrangements see their own highs and lows over the course of each year, and 2017 will be no exception!

As you get started on the finer points of your wedding budget, flowers will a major consideration, and you want to make the right decision to strike the perfect balance of your decorative tastes and the hottest modern styles. Don’t know where to start? Check out the hottest floral trends for 2017 to update your flower choices on your special day!

1. Garland
Flower garlands have been a fixture at rustic and outdoor ceremonies for years, but only recently have they found their way into more traditional settings as well. This is one of the easiest ways to impart a pop of color with a serious dose of green into any locale, and they are especially striking when used to decorate a railing of a staircase, the awning of a doorway or along the ceremony aisle.

2. Flower Vine Bouquets
Bouquets are a cottage industry onto themselves with countless styles and arrangements to choose from, but one style that has gained traction in recent years is the flower vine bouquet. As opposed to the tightly-wrapped, bountiful pieces, flower vine bouquets opt for a more flowing and natural look that can combine a wide variety of flowers in one piece. This arrangement is particularly striking in an outdoor setting, and its enhanced scale and wild, untamed look couldn’t be more on-trend.

3. Floral Lei Curtains
Taking floral inspiration from Hawaii is never a bad idea, and the floral leis can serve as a backdrop for a wide variety of potential decorative pieces. Curtains are a popular choice for wedding planners to create a more intimate feel for space or to partition certain areas, and using flowers instead can make for a dramatic new focal point. Floral leis drapery adds a dynamic cascade of flowers and a touch of green that will add to the romantic elegance of the ceremony.

4. Hanging Moss
Much like the garland trend, hanging greenery is a supremely popular decorative trend, and some designers have even embraced the classic Southern hanging moss, which calls to mind the long, draping Spanish Moss trees that are synonymous with Southern cities like Savannah, Georgia. This is a great idea for an open air tent, and moss can be adorned with additional flowers and other accents to create a jaw-dropping setting.

5. Citrus Centerpieces
For those who want to stick with floral centerpieces, one of the hottest additions to these traditional arrangements is citrus fruits in the centerpieces themselves. Citrus fruits like kumquats, lemons, and clementines can provide a welcome pop of color for your centerpieces, and your guests can feel free to enjoy a snack during the reception as well!