5 Rules to follow when Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

5 Rules to follow when Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

As a bridesmaid, shopping for the dress you’ll be wearing at your friend or family member’s ceremony will either be a painless experience to pick up an outfit that is already set for you or dealing with the stress of picking something that will fall into the bride’s guidelines. It’s the latter example that can be extremely tough for bridesmaids, as many brides are eschewing the full matching ensemble and allowing their wedding parties to impart their own sense of style to their dresses.

Having that freedom is where some bridesmaids may get into trouble! Before you head out to begin shopping for bridesmaids dresses, be sure to follow these tips from the style experts at Nanina’s in the Park!

1. Stick to the color palette
Even if the bride picks a specific color, there is still a huge range of shades within one color that will open up your style choices and allow you to find something that pairs well with your complexion. For example, if the color peach will wash out against the backdrop of your skin tone, opting for something coral for contrast can work beautifully. If for any reason you feel like the color may not work, talk with the bride to go over your options before you buy!

2. Location, location
What type of wedding will this be? Is it going to be held in a church? Is the overarching style more traditional or conservative? As cute as that strapless dress may be, it may not fit into the look and feel of the ceremony and may make you stand out in a negative light. Before you head out shopping, be sure to ask the bride whether a cocktail dress or more elegant gown will be more appropriate. This will help narrow down your choices and ensure that you match the atmosphere of the event.

3. Consider accessories
If you find yourself trying to decide between a simple dress and a more heavily-accented piece, it may be easier to go with the simple dress and punch up your look with accessories instead. Pay particular attention to the color and cut of the dress, and try to steer clear of ensembles that are heavy on embellishments. This will ensure that you adhere to the color palette and overall style while letting your accessory choices be the symbols of your personal style.

4. Keep the bride in the loop
The bride will undoubtedly have plenty on her plate to prepare for her upcoming nuptials, but it’s vital to keep an ongoing discussion open. While you don’t want to bombard her with every detail regarding the color, cut and length of your dress, you should make an effort to check in before you make a purchase. This will help you avoid any last-minute changes and can pick out a dress that you know the bride is comfortable with.

5. Make it work for you!
Last but not least, one of the biggest perks of being able to choose your own bridesmaid dress is that it’s not forced on you and you can choose something that matches your own sense of style. Opt for something you’d like to wear again and think of it as an investment. It’s possible to strike a balance between your tastes and the bride’s needs, so find that middle ground to make it work!