Ways to Keep Your Wedding Day Stress-Free

stress free wedding ideas

Weddings are notorious for being complex, stressful affairs. Use these strategies to keep the stress from getting to you on your wedding day.

1. Skip the DIY

Do you have big dreams of DIY wedding decor and favors? Those projects may save you money, but they can also add to your stress level as you hurry to finish them on the day of the wedding. Unless you can get the work done far in advance, with the help of friends and family, skip the DIY and buy the items instead.

2. Eat Healthy

When people are hungry, they tend to be more irritable and less able to handle pressure. Unfortunately, many brides place extra stress on themselves by dieting dramatically right before the wedding. It’s okay to work on your personal health and fitness level, but you’ll need to plan ahead and start weeks, not days, before the big event. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and you’ll be happier and more able to handle the extra pressure of the special day.

3. Do Something Relaxing

On the day before your wedding, you’ll probably be busy with relatives, gatherings, and last-minute preparations; but try to carve out an hour or two to do something relaxing. It may be getting a pedicure and manicure, going for a run, doing a workout at the gym, or eating lunch at your favorite restaurant. Pick an activity that relaxes you and release some of the pent-up tension before your special day.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water is incredibly vital when it comes to your health and yes, even your mood. Dehydration can contribute to stress, causing you to feel lightheaded, confused, panicky, and hot. Drink plenty of water during the days leading up to the wedding to keep your skin fresh, and appoint a bridesmaid or friend to remind you to drink water on the day of the wedding.

5. Schedule Your Sleep

It’s tempting to overindulge and drink too much on the night before your wedding. Plan to get that indulgence out of the way days before your wedding, at your bachelorette party. The night before your wedding is a time to be smart about your alcohol intake; because the last thing you want is a hangover that makes you oversleep. Getting a late start is a huge contributing factor to stress on the wedding day, so get to bed at a decent hour and set the alarm. There will be plenty of opportunities to drink and celebrate after the ceremony!

6. Let It Go

If you don’t already have an official wedding coordinator, get one. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to mothers, aunts, friends, and cousins as well. You shouldn’t have to worry about the minutiae on your big day. If you have a tendency to micromanage, try to make this day the exception. Just relax and let the professionals take care of everything.