The 5 biggest 2017 wedding trends to look forward to

Nanina's In The Park - The 5 biggest 2017 wedding trends to look forward to

2017 is here, and while it may still be winter wedding season, this is the time of year when many of the hottest wedding trends of the year will begin to take shape and will take on starring roles in the spring and summer ceremonies to come. Whether it’s a dynamic new color scheme or a new way of looking at wedding planning, there are plenty of hot trends that could inform the look and feel of your upcoming nuptials. If your plans are still on the drawing board, here are a few of the best trends you’ll see in the coming year.


  1. Virtual Wedding Planning

While wedding websites have become the norm for many couples, in recent years much of the wedding planning process has moved online as increasing numbers of digital-savvy millennials start to tie the knot. Wedding planning has truly gone mobile, as couples can put together gift registries, coordinate payments with vendors, converse quickly with wedding planners, send out save-the-dates/invitations/updates to their guests all through the touch of a smartphone. Before you start putting together a budget and overall plan, make sure you look into the many digital wedding planning tools that have emerged over the past year!


  1. Ice Breakers

Creating a fun and festive atmosphere where guests can feel comfortable breaking the ice is a key aspect of any wedding plan, which is why you’ll see many couples incorporating interactive games, food stations and photo areas that naturally promote interaction among your guests. This also makes for great photo opportunities and can create the welcoming atmosphere that your loved ones are sure to appreciate.


  1. Vertical Decor

In the realm of wedding decor, couples are paying far more attention to the overall layout of their wedding venues, and a popular choice for inspiration is to simply look above! Instead of leaving it bare, vertical visual space above guest tables is a great option to create eye-catching appeal. This can include something as simple as hanging string lights over guest tables, or more advanced floral centerpieces hung from the ceiling, candelabras and chandeliers that can add to the ambiance of the room.


  1. Neutral and Bright Tones

Color trends come and go, but a style that will see plenty of action in 2017 is the juxtaposition of neutral tones with bright pops of color. Palettes of grays, creams and gold can be paired with metallic hues in a more traditional wedding setting, while bright pops of color set against these neutral shades can enhance their dramatic impact and will fit right into a more modern theme.


  1. Late Night Eats

Last but not least, the wedding after-party has become a fixture as important as the ceremony and reception, and many couples are planning ahead with late night eats to treat their guests after a long day. This can be as simple as getting a group together at a bar after hours, or setting aside a portion of your budget for a food truck to show up after your nuptials so everyone has a chance to chow down before heading home.