Tips On Staying On Budget For Your Wedding

Every wedding has a budget and it’s a challenge for every bride to keep from over-spending while ensuring her wedding day is exactly as she imagined it.  With the average wedding costing upwards of $30,000, there are plenty of ways to avoid unnecessary costs without compromising your vision.  Here are some general guidelines for staying within budget for your wedding.

  • Aim For Fun, Not Perfection: While many businesses stress that your wedding should be your perfect day, we urge brides to focus on having fun over perfection. Budgets will easily balloon during the search for perfection. After all, perfection doesn’t exist, but fun most certainly does.  We’ve found that the happiest weddings happen when people don’t worry about planning out every detail to perfection, but rather embrace their big day as a chance to have the most fun of their lives!
  • Ask Plenty of Questions: When dealing with the various vendors that come with holding a wedding, be as thorough as possible in getting all the information up front.  Make sure that the prices you are being quoted are the final prices, and that there are no extra fees or taxes hiding around the corner that could end up costing you.
  • Cheap Can Cost: While there is nothing wrong with being frugal in your selections, do not make the mistake of choosing items solely for the price.  For example, while choosing the cheaper wedding dress might save you money at the point of sale, you might decide at the last minute that it’s not right for you and you require either a new dress or alterations.  After all, you get what you pay for.
  • Quality Over Quantity: On a similar note, try to always go with the vendor whose products you like the most.  If they are outside your budget, try to find a way to get them inside.  For instance, if there’s a wedding photographer whose work you enjoy and trust over other photographers, but you lack the budget to hire them for the whole day, hire them for the amount of time you can afford so that you get the wedding photos that you want.
  • Ask Us: With plenty of experience planning hundreds of weddings, we here at Nanina’s have the know-how to help you pick the best vendors without breaking your pocket book.  We are here to ensure you stay within budget without sacrificing quality.

With these principles in mind, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing the quality vendors that will deliver the integral elements for your wedding while still staying within your budget.

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